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    Vallon Pocket Watch; Info & Help Needed for Basically Everything

    Hi, thanks for giving me the opportunity to join this community. I recently inherited a large amount of my families property and in that I found a box with my great grandparents items; among them was a gold pocket watch I know nothing about other than it is probably over a century old; I...
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    I Need Help with a Le Phare Minute Repeater

    Hi everyone, I picked up a Le Phare minute repeater recently, and after getting the watch running, I went on to the repeater function. I ran into problems here, as I can't find pictures or online resources to refer to for guidance. Here's what I have so far: It appears to be a DC 130...
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    1870's Fred courvoisier Swiss 18 k Gold pocket watch

    hey , I would appreciate some advice on it if worth to invest in Fred's pocket for the first timer . I have been offered 1870's Fred courvoisier Swiss 18 k Gold pocket watch with enamuel painting . its about 35 mm ,diameter of the case And the condition of it quite good . What should be...
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    Dennison Pocket Watch

    Hi there, I recently inherited a pocket watch. It is a Dennison 14ct gold case with the “Sun” marking engraved. I understand this means a 25 year old life or something. I think the watch itself is an American Waltham Traveller. I was just wondering if someone with more knowledge would be able...

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