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  1. M

    Need help decipher this Patek certificate

    Hi, I recently acquired a Patek Philippe pocket watch that comes with an original certificate. However, I cannot recognize some of the hand writings. I know I can order an extract from the archive to compare the information of the two, but they just increased the price from 150 to 500 Swiss...
  2. M

    ı need ınformation.

    This watch is for my grandfather who died. and we don't know the price of it. We want to get informationl. We do not know how old it is, but we think it is estimated to be 80-90 years. I apologize if I have the wrong word. my english is intermediate. thanks for helps.
  3. D

    Maroin Watch Co. R.R. Special Movement

    Any info about this movement would be appreciated. I've inherited a bunch of antique watch parts/accessories and would like to learn more about them to determine if anything would be of interest to a collector.
  4. T

    Help please - Fusee pocket watch. Who actually made these watch movements?

    Hi all. Please see the attached photos. It's a FUSEE CHAIN pocket watch belonging to my friends grandfather. I have dated the outer silver case to 1093 from the CHESTER Hall Mark (3 wheatsheafs) and a curly "C". The watch has papers behind case cover from F Esslemont Jeweller, Forfar, 1932. The...
  5. J

    South Bend Size 12 Grade 407 Hairspring Replacement

    Good evening everyone, Newbie here. Please go easy on me. I’m fairly new to the watch collecting and repair scene. I think we all know where this is going. Long story short, I have destroyed my South Bends Hairspring and am having some real trouble finding even a parts movement to replace it...
  6. T

    Waltham Watch with Dennison Case Identification.

    Hi guys, recently inherited a pocket watch and I’m curious about dating it. I’ve managed to find a decent bit of information for the watch itself but have hit a dead end when it comes to the casing. So, I believe the watch to be an open faced Waltham Hillside produced between 1890-1894 in...
  7. C

    Information asked - J.M. Finch Royal Exchange London

    Good afternoon, new member here. Since a couple weeks i have inherited a pocket watch with the inscription 'J.M. Finch Royal exchange london' on the dial and the same engravement on the inside. I can't seem to find anything about this maker and was hoping someone here could help me.
  8. S

    $ Bailey Banks and Biddle help gold pocket watch

    Can I get some help getting more info and potential value on this pocket watch I inherited, please? The jeweler just wants to melt it for gold.
  9. G

    Mysterious London-made pocket watch found in wall

    We're having some work done on our house (in northern California) and my Goonies-inspired dreams have come true -- the crew found treasure inside one of our walls! Amongst some other items that had been squirreled away at some point in the past was this very neat pocket watch that I can't seem...
  10. Copperdragon3

    Pocket watch crystal

    I recently purchased a beautiful George Wheeler grade Elgin hunter case pocket watch off Etsy. It's an 1890, 17 jewel size 18 watch, but when it arrived I realized the crystal had bee replaced with a flimsy plastic one! It is so thin it popped out and won't stay in. I really like the watch...
  11. L

    Help Pocket watch not working

    Hello, I'm new to the hobby of repairing watches and I tried to repair a Vogt pocket watch. I disasembled and manualy cleaned the watch and then reasembled and oild it. The problem is that the watch does not run and the mainspring barrel for some reason dont wants to turn so the watch cant be...
  12. W

    Grandfather's Tiffany & Co Pocket Watch

    Hello Forum, I am soliciting help identifying the details of a gold pocket watch that I inherited from my recently passed mother. I believe it belonged to her father (my maternal grandfather). I had never seen it before, so I never got the chance to ask her about it. Pictures attached. What I...
  13. R

    John Forrest London

    Hello, My mother gave me an old pocket watch some years ago. We’re unable to find a date but on the dial face my watch shows: John Forrest London 24515 It does not work, the crystal is gone, and the hunter case face cover does not stay latched. Wondering if anyone might know any history or...
  14. T

    S Smith & Son Pocket Watch help needed

    I enjoyed reading a recent thread (Dec 7) and need some help understanding a S. Smith & Son pocket watch I've inherited - but didn't want to freeload of Meme's thread ;). Any insights from the community would be appreciated and helpful in documenting this family heirloom. What I know about the...
  15. C

    Help Identifying an old pocket watch

    I was given a pocket watch by my father, the watch seems rather old and from the research I've gathered its silver, from london, and the capital G in the case says it's from 1802 though I'm not sure about that. The mark on the inside by the mechanism creator I'm not able to find anywhere I was...
  16. J


    I'm not posting pictures because the watch I have is pretty well marked. The trouble is I can't find any information about the manufacturer. The watch is made by H&O PERRET Geneva. Finding anything concrete about them gets me nothing but blanks. The watch itself is a silver case it says Full...
  17. Ian Crouch

    Eardley Norton pocket watch: Fake or Real?

    Several years ago whilst travelling through Chile I bought this Eardley Norton pocket watch with the aim of having it repaired and restored. However, having spent some time reading through the many threads on this maker, I am no longer sure if this timepiece is original or a fake! Before going...
  18. D

    $ Paul Vallette platinum pocket watch

    I have found little information on this pocket watch brought in for an appraisal. I know this is with the Heuer Co. The open face pocket watch is in working order. The back has a diamond monogram. Could this have been personalized by the company or jeweler outside the company? Any help would be...
  19. G

    English pocket watch

    I have an English fusee pocket watch which has been handed down from my grandfather, however, I can not identify the maker. The case is hallmarked with a Lion passant, London hallmark, date letter is a Gothic lower case k, possibly 1845, it also has a small cross in a shield. The case makers...
  20. S

    Sharing (my first purchase)

    I am new to the hobby, never collected or repaired watches. Somehow, during quarantine go interested in the subject and made my first purchase. I tried to do my research and learn as much as i can by googling and reading the threads here. Spotted this guy on one of the estate auction. Got...

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