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pocket watch

  1. S

    Assistance appreciated with Charles Oudin Enamel Diamond Pocket Watch

    Hello! I’m delighted to have found this forum. I’d be grateful for any information provided about a lovely pocket watch I acquired. I’m an antique jewelry dealer, but occasionally come across a watch I love. (I’ve always loved watches and clocks but don’t know a great deal about them). This...
  2. B

    20th c American Balance Amplitude Dropped Off 3 Months After Service?

    15 Jewel 12 Size American Illinois Pocket Watch made in 1910. Self serviced with brand new mainspring in August of 2021 After servicing its amplitude was around 290-300 - absolutely fantastic for its age - and running about 60 seconds fast dial up/down with the regulator arm in the center. Was...
  3. Tipton444

    American Waltham Hillside Chronograph English Market? 14k?

    Hello all, I recently acquired this beautiful AWWCo Waltham pocket watch, and I'm hoping someone can help me with a few questions I have. This pocket watch has a serial number of 3161857, and according to the database it is a hillside movement that dates to 1886. I can't seem to find another...
  4. B

    Rust On Hairspring: Harmful To Leave It?

    I have a pocket watch with a speck (very small, you have to go looking for it under just the right lighting) of rust on the Hairspring. I have no idea how it got there but I’m assuming it’s been there the whole time I’ve been in possession of the watch (which is running fine, albeit a bit fast)...
  5. S

    Fusee Verge London Dutch Fake- Help

    I have the chance to purchase this watch from a relative, but niether of us knows what the value may be. This watch is in non working condition, missing the chain, and hands. Also several gears are loose, and maybe one or two are missing. I believe there still has to be some base value to this...
  6. M

    American Waltham Pocket Watch identification

    Hello friends. I have come across an old pocket watch. The original owners have passed and I have no stories on it to confirm it’s authenticity or age. Anyone have any clues?
  7. Ticktocktime100

    Silver cased Waltham masonic pocket watch, circa 1910

    Hi all, I’m mostly a clock enthusiast, but I also collect watches. I was very pleased to add this fine silver cased Waltham, with a flawless enamel dial depicting the Masonic symbols, to the horological family. Could anyone enlighten me regarding the history of this model, year of manufacture...
  8. C

    Pocket Watch Pallet Fork Vibrating

    I'm work on a 15j Elgin 6/0s movement for a friend. As I've got it back together, I'm running into a issue with the pallet fork vibrating. I have attached a short video showing the vibrating problem, when it should just be locking back and forth as it is tapped. In the repair and servicing of...
  9. P

    Ratchet wheel removal help for Omega PW 19 lignes cal. 43.15 "Very Best"

    Hi guys I have this beauty at my watchmaker for a restoration; before attempting anything & doing irreversible damage, we were wondering how can we remove the ratchet wheel on this Omega 19 lignes? Mainspring is broken and we must get the barrel open indeed. There are 3 screws holding the...
  10. D

    Lanco H Samuel Star Watch Case Co

    This watch was left to my husband. Believed to belong to Great Uncle killed in World War 1. We know nothing about this watch and would be very grateful for any help. Thank you in anticipation.
  11. mynikko

    Need help decipher this Patek certificate

    Hi, I recently acquired a Patek Philippe pocket watch that comes with an original certificate. However, I cannot recognize some of the hand writings. I know I can order an extract from the archive to compare the information of the two, but they just increased the price from 150 to 500 Swiss...
  12. M

    ı need ınformation.

    This watch is for my grandfather who died. and we don't know the price of it. We want to get informationl. We do not know how old it is, but we think it is estimated to be 80-90 years. I apologize if I have the wrong word. my english is intermediate. thanks for helps.
  13. D

    Maroin Watch Co. R.R. Special Movement

    Any info about this movement would be appreciated. I've inherited a bunch of antique watch parts/accessories and would like to learn more about them to determine if anything would be of interest to a collector.
  14. T

    Help please - Fusee pocket watch. Who actually made these watch movements?

    Hi all. Please see the attached photos. It's a FUSEE CHAIN pocket watch belonging to my friends grandfather. I have dated the outer silver case to 1093 from the CHESTER Hall Mark (3 wheatsheafs) and a curly "C". The watch has papers behind case cover from F Esslemont Jeweller, Forfar, 1932. The...
  15. B

    South Bend Size 12 Grade 407 Hairspring Replacement

    Good evening everyone, Newbie here. Please go easy on me. I’m fairly new to the watch collecting and repair scene. I think we all know where this is going. Long story short, I have destroyed my South Bends Hairspring and am having some real trouble finding even a parts movement to replace it...
  16. T

    Waltham Watch with Dennison Case Identification.

    Hi guys, recently inherited a pocket watch and I’m curious about dating it. I’ve managed to find a decent bit of information for the watch itself but have hit a dead end when it comes to the casing. So, I believe the watch to be an open faced Waltham Hillside produced between 1890-1894 in...
  17. C

    Information asked - J.M. Finch Royal Exchange London

    Good afternoon, new member here. Since a couple weeks i have inherited a pocket watch with the inscription 'J.M. Finch Royal exchange london' on the dial and the same engravement on the inside. I can't seem to find anything about this maker and was hoping someone here could help me.
  18. S

    Bailey Banks and Biddle help gold pocket watch

    Can I get some help getting more info and potential value on this pocket watch I inherited, please? The jeweler just wants to melt it for gold.
  19. G

    Mysterious London-made pocket watch found in wall

    We're having some work done on our house (in northern California) and my Goonies-inspired dreams have come true -- the crew found treasure inside one of our walls! Amongst some other items that had been squirreled away at some point in the past was this very neat pocket watch that I can't seem...
  20. Copperdragon3

    Pocket watch crystal

    I recently purchased a beautiful George Wheeler grade Elgin hunter case pocket watch off Etsy. It's an 1890, 17 jewel size 18 watch, but when it arrived I realized the crystal had bee replaced with a flimsy plastic one! It is so thin it popped out and won't stay in. I really like the watch...

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