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  1. O

    Early Rolex Pocket Watch - Help Please

    Hi All, So I have a pocket watch and im trying to find out as much as I can. Received it as a gift on my 21st. The Watch was bought in Preston from a reputable jewellers called Hacklers. We were told that the watch had repairs over its life. I myself think that the Dial has either 1. Been...
  2. musicguy

    The Ball "Rotator Second" 12s Gentlemans watch

    A few years back I really thought that the Rotating Seconds, or AKA Secometer watches were really (really really) cool. It seemed to me back then that the 12s White Gold-Filled Ball Watch Company Rotator Second in factory case with numbers on the bezel was the Holy Grail of them all (at least in...
  3. J

    Ancre 16 Rubis Remontoir Felipe Hecht Geneve

    Hi, Good Morning I Am Curious To Know About this pocket watch It Was Kept By My Grandmother Until Her Passing, And She Was Originally Born In Puerto Rico in 1926 And Moved Here to NY In the 1950's Googling Felipe Hecht Led me to this Page Showing His Name Is On the Old City Hall Building Clock...
  4. musicguy

    Lady Martha Private Label from A. C. Becken made by Illinois

    I found a double signed hunting cased 6 size Lady Martha Illinois Grade 164 movement in a spectacular case in fine condition that does not seem too common. The "lady Martha" was made exclusively for the A.C. Becken Company a well-known Chicago, IL jobber. I don't know how many of the Lady...
  5. musicguy

    Black Masonic Elgin dial on three finger bridge hunting case

    16s Circa 1917 with Scarce Black Masonic Elgin dial on three finger bridge hunting case Rob
  6. HVAC_Guy.

    American American Waltham Watch Co. 1890, 0s, 15j, seaside?

    I recently came across a Waltham pocket watch and have been researching it for the last three days,(absolutely fascinated, I've learned so much already) I'm still not 100% sure what grade mine is. I keep coming up with seaside for grade. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to find out...
  7. musicguy

    H. H. Taylor

    Please post some of your Henry H. Taylor (aka H. H. Taylor) Elgin watches His name was a trade name on Elgin's. Henry H. Taylor photo curtesy of the pocket watch database. Elgin National Watch Co. Research: Elgin H H Taylor Grades | Pocket Watch Database H.H. Taylor Pocket Watch Info by...
  8. A

    Authentic please rate my solid gold Rolex conversion pocket watch

    please rate my solid gold 9K Rolex conversion pocket watch
  9. Jonas Clark

    Lawton & Co. pocket watch information?

    I know my clock basics, but watches, not so much. I collect many things, and buy what catches my eye. I'm hoping the vastly more knowledgeable people here know more about this. A local coin shop a friend goes to had a bunch of watches, and I took a look. This is by far my favorite. Case...
  10. Rizz

    H. Montandon Locle

    My mother gave this to me before she passed a few years ago. She said she believed it was her great grandfather’s. I’m about to pass it along to my baby nephew so it stays in the family. I’ve done a bit of googling but don’t see too much about this particular type. It’s not working but I’m just...
  11. D

    Cylindre - Aguilles Huit Rubis

    Hello, I inherited an antique pocket watch from my grandmother and I'm hoping to learn more about it. The back of the watch reads Cylindre Aguilles Huit Rubis. After some research I understand that "Aguilles Huit Rubis" is the type of watch movement, Aguilles Eight Ruby movement. The watch is...
  12. M

    Washington Co. Pocket Watch

    Hi, greetings from Finland! My husband inherited a pocket watch and we would like to know more about it: how old it might be ect. It is a quite heavy and there is "Washington" on it. We tried to google it, but we did not find any pocket watch with similar movements or style. It runs great. There...
  13. Click A&V

    Oversized Goliath Pocket Watch

    Good day to everyone, I hope you're all well. Can anybody please enlighten me about this 'pocket' watch I recently acquired. Im looking for confirmation that It's a open faced oversized goliath pocket watch by Omega as I have been told. It is huge as pocket watches go (see pics). As...
  14. Cheekyscot


    My mum and dad are trying to find out a bit about a pocket watch that has been in the family for a number of years. There are lots of thing inscribed on the watch and case it says on the mechanism Elgin USA both on the back and watch face. It has a moon with a star above it. The casing face next...
  15. S

    Assistance appreciated with Charles Oudin Enamel Diamond Pocket Watch

    Hello! I’m delighted to have found this forum. I’d be grateful for any information provided about a lovely pocket watch I acquired. I’m an antique jewelry dealer, but occasionally come across a watch I love. (I’ve always loved watches and clocks but don’t know a great deal about them). This...
  16. B

    20th c American Balance Amplitude Dropped Off 3 Months After Service?

    15 Jewel 12 Size American Illinois Pocket Watch made in 1910. Self serviced with brand new mainspring in August of 2021 After servicing its amplitude was around 290-300 - absolutely fantastic for its age - and running about 60 seconds fast dial up/down with the regulator arm in the center. Was...
  17. Tipton444

    American Waltham Hillside Chronograph English Market? 14k?

    Hello all, I recently acquired this beautiful AWWCo Waltham pocket watch, and I'm hoping someone can help me with a few questions I have. This pocket watch has a serial number of 3161857, and according to the database it is a hillside movement that dates to 1886. I can't seem to find another...
  18. B

    Rust On Hairspring: Harmful To Leave It?

    I have a pocket watch with a speck (very small, you have to go looking for it under just the right lighting) of rust on the Hairspring. I have no idea how it got there but I’m assuming it’s been there the whole time I’ve been in possession of the watch (which is running fine, albeit a bit fast)...
  19. S

    Fusee Verge London Dutch Fake- Help

    I have the chance to purchase this watch from a relative, but niether of us knows what the value may be. This watch is in non working condition, missing the chain, and hands. Also several gears are loose, and maybe one or two are missing. I believe there still has to be some base value to this...
  20. M

    American Waltham Pocket Watch identification

    Hello friends. I have come across an old pocket watch. The original owners have passed and I have no stories on it to confirm it’s authenticity or age. Anyone have any clues?

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