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  1. E

    Pocket watch identification

    I got this pocket watch from a relative and I’m trying to find what it is. I know it’s a dueber watch but that’s it!
  2. E

    History Identification of Hy Moser & Cie pocket watch

    Hi. I bought a pocket watch recently and I have a few questions about them. Serial number on a mechanism is 15712 K. 15 jewels and the diameter of the watch is 35mm without a crown. Questions: When was it made? What does the letter K mean?
  3. A

    Newsome & Co. Coventry Pocket Watch

    Greetings to all! I would like to express my gratitude to all the experts on this forum. About six years ago, my grandmother gifted me an antique "Newsome & Co. Coventry Pocket Watch." Made of gold, the back of the watch has two small red rubies. Unfortunately, I do not have information about...
  4. R

    Help with Identification of Tiffany & Co. Watch

    Hello, any help ID'ing this Piece or helping Date or Ballpark Price Estimate would be Appreciated. Serial Numbers are Pictured, Looks to read: 1129651 .There is also an etching on the back reading: 63-7-HB (Might not be OG) . These appear to be the numbers but I could be off, take a look for...
  5. P

    Ball Vacheron & Constantin Rail Road Pocket Watch

    I just purchased an original Ball Vacheron Constantin RR size 16 pocket watch in very good condition running strong and keeping good time. Ball used in the past very rarely Swiss movements, like in this particular watch extremely rare Vacheron Constantin movement. I provided scans from Ball...
  6. F

    Henry Capt pocket watch

    Hello, I was looking almost everywhere where I was able to search, unfortunetaly i could not find this pocket watch by Henry Capt Could you help me to identify the watch? I would like to know anything about it as year, etc. Henry Capt N. 34595 Chronometre. on the movement is also H. Capt Geneve...
  7. T

    Seeing info on this pocket watch

    So I had found this pocket watch among old family items while cleaning. Cannot seem to find any info on it. I've spent about 3 hours trying to dig info from all the sites I can find, and nothing. Anyone have any thoughts? Inside case says: "Plymouth General Warranted 1355393" Face reads...
  8. J

    I'm a new Member with a Hamilton 992. Is it authentic?

    Hi there! I hope you guys can help me. I recently acquired what I'm pretty sure to be a 1912 Hamilton 992 Grade pocket watch. I have done a little research on the basics such as the movement type, date etc.. but I don't know enough about these watches to look at one and know if it's the correct...
  9. sjammyers

    Watch Closed Hamilton model 926 pocket watch pallet fork

    I am looking for a Hamilton pallet fork for a model 926 pocket watch or maybe for another model assuming Hamilton used this fork in other models. Or, is this a pallet fork where I can replace the arbor, in which case, I would be looking for an arbor and possibly a pointer to a video showing...
  10. W

    Lefebvre Charleroi brand pocket watch. What kind of watch can it be?

    Hello, I am a young watch enthusiast. I try to search wisely for information about various kinds of watches on foreign forums. The current website and Your knowledge have enlightened me more than once and solved several problems. Therefore, I am asking for help in solving the question: what is...
  11. L

    Can you help identify this watch?

    Good day fellow watch enthusiasts, I stumbled upon a pocket watch at my grandmother's house, she said it belonged to an uncle of some sort. She lives in Hamburg, Germany. On the inner site of the backplate is an engravement saying: "G.W.C. Plate trademark" and underneath the number 1482311. The...
  12. Tyson Chambers

    E Howard of some kind

    I just wanted to share this E Howard that came into my possession a few months ago. My grandmother is in the fine period antiques business and her father before her as well. This belonged to her grandfather. How and when he acquired it is somewhat of a mystery, but she does remember always...
  13. I

    Bailey Banks and Biddle help gold pocket watch

    What would a nun's watch look like?
  14. D

    Louis Audemars

    Hello everyone. I am Davide and I am looking for information about a pocket women's watch, inherited within my family for many years. I did a lot of research, but it wasn't profitable. The watch in question, of which I will attach photos (I hope detailed) is evidently for women, on the dial...
  15. J

    Key wind watch

    Would anyone know anything about this watch ? I have no key so I don’t know if it works or not, I am looking for age, maker, etc. Is a front wound watch uncommon ? any information would be appreciated. Thank you
  16. R

    Help with Elgin pocket watch balance jewels

    Hello Group, I still consider myself a newbie in this watch repair thing, and I've decided to start with Elgin pocket watches. I've got three that have at least a broken balance staff and at least one broken balance jewel, so I thought it might be good learning to try to take these three...
  17. musicguy

    Post some Seth Thomas Watches

    I have recently acquired a 3/4 plate, model 3, Seth Thomas, 18 size, 15 jewel, Adjusted, lever set, with micro regulator(maybe a Reed variant) circa 1888 (if someone has a more accurate year let me know). It has a low serial number of 11,760. It's cased in its original very heavy(and thick) coin...
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