1. N

    Howard Miller 613-213

    Trying to find the Value of this clock Howard Miller asked me if I had an account with them to find out the value but I don't have one They did tell me it was made in 1989
  2. L

    Fake Torsion Pendulum - Repairable?

    Hello, let me start by saying I'm not used to forums. I tried a search and only found one post discussing types of fake torsion. I'm used to using manuals. The clock in question is a Coca-Cola anniversary clock. Made in China with fake torsion pendulum with clock driven by single battery. The...
  3. P

    Escapement error vs driving weight

    I'm trying to understand pendulums. I seem to be descending into a real rabbit hole. I'm worrying about the driving weight vs the pendulum period. I suppose I'm talking about "escapement error". (For reference, it's a 150 year-old "black forest shield clock", wooden frame, brass bushed...
  4. P

    How to synchronise a pendulum clock

    What is the best way to synchronise a pendulum clock with a quartz oscillator? It seems like a simple question but I've searched the web and can find no convincing answer. I have 150 year-old "black forest shield clock" and I want it to be as convenient as a cheap quartz clock. I realise that's...
  5. D

    Vienna Regulator running too fast - escapement and pendulum swing issue

    I recently purchased Biedermeier Vienna Regulator. The case is somehow beat-up, but the movement seemed to be working fine and running fine when purchasing. Eventually, I discovered that the clock runs erratically and for the most part, very fast. I inspected the movement, took it apart...
  6. M

    Pendulum Attachment Broken?

    Hello all! How are you? Hope everyone is doing well I recently found a mantle clock on the side of the road (a Schatz model) and decided to try and fix it. I had no previous knowledge about these kinds of clocks and how they work/parts etc but thanks to the internet and largely YouTube I was...
  7. A

    Cuckoo Cuckoo part needed- 7&3/4” pendulum

    Anyone know a good reasonable establishment to get a pendulum for a cuckoo from? It’s a regula 34 movement.
  8. Arune

    A Ticking clock

    I grew up listening to a grandfather clock close to my bedroom. Now 74, I would like to hear that soothing sound again. I am looking for a wall clock (space considerations) that ticks audibly. It should chime the quarter hours and sound the hours. One with a visible pendulum would be nice...
  9. B

    reattach pendulum

    Hello, HELP!! I have a Ansonia Gold Medallion #683. The previous owner removed the pendulum assembly which consists of the pendulum and the bar which attaches to the timing mech (for lack of not knowing exactly what it is called. While the attachment of the pendulum to one end of the bar is...
  10. D

    Decay in pendulum amplitude

    I see that there is a gradual lessening on amplitude of pendulum swing over time... It is best when its all cleaned up and put together. Does this decay (lessening) increase or drop to a point and stays that way without further reduction? Dandydude
  11. acugnini

    Substituting Pendulum Parts on Ansonia Tall Case Clock

    Trying to find (replace) a missing pendulum and leader (suspension spring) from an Ansonia tall-case clock. The Pendulum post is mounted on the inside back of the hood, and the distance from the post to the crutch loop is 6-1/2". The post is the split-post type, that had once held the...
  12. Just in Time Clocks

    Haller Landing Clock

    I am researching this clock. I am unable to find a clock Haller made like this. I may be mistaken, but it looks as if someone out a mantle clock movement in a different case. Any ideas. I am looking for the pendulum.
  13. Z

    Need help Calculating Weights for A Mechanical Clock

    I have recently started building a mechanical clock and I need a bit of help in calculating weights and run times on this clock. I'll start out by saying that I am new to clock making and I am open to all ideas and am willing to learn. The clock I am making is the William Strutt epicyclical...
  14. Mr Milford-Haven

    Finding the BPH on German Mantel Clock

    Hello, i purchased a German mantel clock that has no maker nor identifying numbers on the backplate. I have absolutely no idea what the correct BPH the clock should ideally have. I understand that I can possibly do so by measuring the pendulum, though I have only the very slightest notion of...
  15. M

    Help Other than bad timekeeping, what happens if I use wrong pendulum?

    I know this is an odd question. I am working on a Seth Thomas A403-031 movement which uses a 94 cm pendulum. I replaced it with a movement so I could learn to work on it (I told my wife I was replacing the movement to get the old clock working, but I think you understand the REAL reason). So...
  16. C

    Seth Thomas #2 Pendulum

    Hi - I might already know the answer to this question but wanted to check here before I do anything stupid. I have a Seth Thomas #2 clock that I just finished restoring. The case was missing a few parts and the clock has been dismantled, cleaned and oiled. It has been running consistently now...
  17. M

    Help Replacement movement shifted pendulum into chimes

    My wife picked up a used Seth Thomas grandfather clock for $25. Clock worked, but not the chimes. We reached an agreement that if we bought a new movement for it, I could take apart the old one, clean it, and see if we could get it working again. I talked with clockworks and gave them the...
  18. Sax6M

    Am I Missing Something? How Do I Replace It? Where Can I Get Instructions?

    I hope these pictures will help you help me. I have always been fascinated by mechanical time pieces. I have never been in a place to be a $eriou$ collector, but when I see something affordable, functional and distinctive, I get it. This is my second purchase, and although it is not a hidden...
  19. Roy Gardner

    Refine identification of Kienzle wall clock.

    So far, my twin brother's clock pictured below appears to me to be a Kienzle wall clock, Vienna regulator style, first half of 20th century. Can anyone refine the make, model, and year(s) for us, especially the movement? What does 104/42 stamped on the plate mean?
  20. D

    Clock Gilbert Regulator Pendulum

    Searching for a Gilbert Regulator pendulum used in the regulator 3, 4, 5 and 6 models. There were two different assemblies utilized so a photo will show the one that I am looking for. It may have been used with S. B. Terry movements as well. The Pendulum Leader is the important missing piece...
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