1. D

    value Authentic History 19th c Brevetis J.L Reutter S.G.D.G - Atmos

    Hello everyone. New here. My late grandmother had this timepiece she has obtained in her early days. And I was wondering if I may ask for help Identifying it? I’ve found a vast variety of similar ones online and tried reaching out to different auction sites to see if they can identify it but...
  2. E

    History Identification of Hy Moser & Cie pocket watch

    Hi. I bought a pocket watch recently and I have a few questions about them. Serial number on a mechanism is 15712 K. 15 jewels and the diameter of the watch is 35mm without a crown. Questions: When was it made? What does the letter K mean?
  3. musicguy

    Uncommon or rare 1876 G Washington Centennial Hatchet Watch Fob

    A few happenings in 1876...... Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain The battle of little bighorn, George Armstrong Custer The 1776-1876 United States Centennial. Plus, many more..... Recently I was very excited to find this 1776-1876 US Centennial George Washington Hatchet Pat April 25, 1876...
  4. R

    Help with Identification of Tiffany & Co. Watch

    Hello, any help ID'ing this Piece or helping Date or Ballpark Price Estimate would be Appreciated. Serial Numbers are Pictured, Looks to read: 1129651 .There is also an etching on the back reading: 63-7-HB (Might not be OG) . These appear to be the numbers but I could be off, take a look for...
  5. O

    Early Rolex Pocket Watch - Help Please

    Hi All, So I have a pocket watch and im trying to find out as much as I can. Received it as a gift on my 21st. The Watch was bought in Preston from a reputable jewellers called Hacklers. We were told that the watch had repairs over its life. I myself think that the Dial has either 1. Been...
  6. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Lots of clocks to identify! PART 2

    I am having trouble ID'ing these clocks. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 7. Small unbranded 'tin can' alarm clock. Bevelled glass. Note: Missing the entire alarm winding shaft, so any info about its replacement would be very helpful! 8. Gordian Hettich Sohn cuckoo clock with...
  7. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Lots of clocks to identify! PART 1

    I am having trouble ID'ing these clocks. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Pictures included. 1. Time-only movement stamped '1 41667'. American? 2. Unbranded peg-leg alarm clock. 4in dial. German? 1915? 3. Unbranded mini onyx clock. Germany with fancy movement. 4in tall 4...
  8. J. A. Olson

    Clock Meets Thermometer: The Springfield Thermoclock.

    Here is a strange little piece that holds some relevance to horology. It is a "Thermoclock". What is a Thermoclock you may wonder? It was simply a small desktop thermometer designed to resemble a Gothic upright mantel clock. Popular during the 1930's along with other neo-Gothic fare, these were...
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