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  1. Dugald McIntosh

    Gilbert Gilbert Ogee Label & Tablet

    Hi, can anyone tell me more about the label on this Wm. L. Gilbert ogee? The words 'thirty hour' are on a strip of paper pasted over the top of 'eight day', and 'Co' has a capital 'O', unlike others I have seen. At the bottom reads 'Herald Job Press'. It is in pretty good condition. Is there...
  2. G

    German-Cased Ogee Clocks

    I'd like to throw this one out to the membership, because I have never read of or seen an American brass-movement 30 hour weight-driven Ogee clock in a German-made case, supposed produced in Germany for sale there, 1840's era, no label, until recently when one was offered to me. Could this be...
  3. M

    Auction win.. A Box of Dis-articulated Tall Case Clock

    Hello. I'm a newb; both here, and to the whole area of clock collecting. I recently won the bidding for a tall case clock, in pieces. I'm eager to know anything about it. I haven't picked it up yet, (my son did that for me) but I have some shots from the auction site. I live in Ontario...
  4. M

    American Coe Ogee Clock

    I just purchased a 30 hour Ogee mantle clock made by Russell Coe. From the research I have done, there is not a lot of info out there on him except Russell Coe was listed as a clockmaker in Meriden, CT in 1856. There is also a reference to a E.F.Coe & Co. Clocks at 64 Broad St. in Boston in...
  5. O

    EN Welch miniature ogee

    Does anyone have a verge from an EN Welch miniature ogee, 30 hr spring driven movement, patented August 1870? I need one for a restoration project. The teeth on the escape wheel are very coarse and quite box-like. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. J


    I just purchased a weight driven clock. The style is ogee. Being new to buying clocks can anyone tell me where the name ogee came from? Thanks in advance for your replys. Joe.
  7. Kevin W.

    ogee tablet

    I have a old ogee clock and i replaced the tablet, i looked at the top glass and it looks like putty was used to hold it in.Is the putty the way to go for the tablet also? Probaly a dumb question but i am new at this.
  8. W

    Info needed on "Sawyer" ogee clock

    All I could find was 1 mention in Nuttings book. It is written as follows..."Sawyer, C. & H. S., Colebrook, Conn. (1849)". Hope that helps a bit.