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  1. C

    English Identify Pocket Watch

    Hi all and thank you in advance. This is my first thread so please take it easy on me. I'm new to collecting pocket watches. I picked this pocket watch up in a job lot and I'm trying to identify it. On the watch dial it states John Forrest London. I have researched this name and I now believe...
  2. Just in Time Clocks

    Ingraham mantel clock movement

    I have an Ingraham movement from a mantel clock. The chime wheel? Will not stop running. The lever will not drop in the deep grove to stop it. Any suggestions.
  3. L

    Project: Quartz to Mechanical Conversion (Small Movement Wanted)

    Hi All, My project just hit a dead end. I was going to convert this 1980's German-made quartz "French" carriage-style clock to wind-up using a movement that came out of a broken 1990's alarm clock. However, when I opened the bottom, I could see that the movement is too wide for the case (the...
  4. M

    Warmink Floating Balance Clock running fast

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie clock restorer and hoping to learn more about clock restoration as I go on. A hands on approach, along with Youtube, and forums like this help heaps :) I purchased a Warmink Dutch made mantel clock some time ago which needed a new winding arbor for the chimes. Arbor...
  5. M

    Enhanced WWVB Movement?

    In 2012, the NIST started broadcasting a much improved WWVB signal using phase modulation (aka Binary Phase-Shift Keying BPSK), resulting in much faster and more reliable time setting across the US. La Crosse sells a few clocks with this technology under the name Ultratomic. I would love to use...
  6. D

    Are these movement devices easy to find and replace? Accidentally used lithium battery

    I bought this clock and I really love it! However, I mistakenly placed a lithium battery in it instead of a alkaline. I didn't know any better and after about 3 weeks I noticed the time was 6 minutes ahead. I then switched out the lithium battery with a alkaline. Questions: 1) Is it possible...
  7. Alex KVASHIN

    Georg Berglin, Orebro, longcase movement

    Hello people, Let me post early (~1750) sweden longcase movement. I also attached its case pictures, unfortunately they devorsed forever. Was it original one? Movement mostly of steel but nice quality. Wooden cylinders and pulleys. Decorations not so good as english used to be but rather well...
  8. Calvin H. Huynh

    Makers movement contest!

    I've been wondering about this a while now. What are your favorite movements to work on or your least favorite? Why? Also, what do you think would be favorite movement regarding durability, difficulty, peacefulness, reliability, size, etc? I would keep to manufacture movements! I would like to...
  9. M

    Help identifying this movement

    Hello all, Recently purchased a very large (49 1/2” tall) clock that I was told hung in a jewelry store in the early 1900’s. Unfortunately the glass tablet with the jewelers advertising has been broken and removed, but I will hopefully be able to find more information and also find someone who...
  10. M

    Minimalist bushing and polishing tool set

    I have been listening to the advice I have been given here, and have decided to try learning to redo bushings and polish pivots on several Hermle movements. I have been reading many discussions of bushings, but there are so many here that it is a bit overwhelming knowing where to start. My...
  11. M

    Help Replacement movement shifted pendulum into chimes

    My wife picked up a used Seth Thomas grandfather clock for $25. Clock worked, but not the chimes. We reached an agreement that if we bought a new movement for it, I could take apart the old one, clean it, and see if we could get it working again. I talked with clockworks and gave them the...
  12. E

    Please help identify maker and year approx large pocket watch

    Hello I am desperately trying to identify the maker of this watch, and when it was made, I have searched through many pages online and am having no luck. It is very large, about 70mm in diameter Edit: also there are no markings, just a serial number 39358
  13. S

    Help English Grandfather clock circa 1880?

    Hello, I'm posting this question for my father who repairs clocks and watches. He's just fixed a grandfather clock movement but has a question about a lever that still needs to be properly set up at the back of the movement. He thinks it's a silencing lever, to silence the chimes -- but would...
  14. musicguy

    Hamilton grade 942

    I recently purchased a Hamilton 18s grade 942 that went to the finishing dept. March 6, 1905. (I believe in original case) At the time it was manufactured the Hamilton 942 was widely accepted by RR's into railroad time service. It was also the highest grade 21 jewel 18 size watch Hamilton...
  15. Rick Taylor

    A. Michel 221 Barrel Arbor Needed

    Hello: I am in need of a barrel arbor for an A. Michael 221 movement. I think A. Michel 220 arbor is the same? Thanks! Rick
  16. J

    Clock Ingraham Movement Wanted

    I'm looking for an Ingram Banjo clock movement as shown in the attached photo. Running or reparable preferred. Thanks. John
  17. P

    I Need Help with a Le Phare Minute Repeater

    Hi everyone, I picked up a Le Phare minute repeater recently, and after getting the watch running, I went on to the repeater function. I ran into problems here, as I can't find pictures or online resources to refer to for guidance. Here's what I have so far: It appears to be a DC 130...
  18. S

    How old is this black forest movement?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me identify the clock movement in the pictures I have linked to. I would like to know how old it is. I believe it is a black forest movement but I think it is a bit different because it has cables instead of chains. Thank-You...
  19. Jim Burghart

    Help identifying a 8 day wood works movement

    I have a wood works movemnet that I am trying to identify. I believe it is an 8 day. It is out of a large case 36X18X5 clock. It looks very much like an 8 day I have in a C & N Jerome clock. I know there is a bulletin that covers 8 day wood works, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know...
  20. B

    Stripped threads on movement plate mounting studs

    The screw threads that pass that pass through the back plate of the clock movement have stripped and the nut won't hold firmly. These threads are on a stud that are fixed in place to hold the correct spacing. Is there an easy repair for this, possibly one that won't require taking the movement...

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