1. 3

    G. Reymond Straight line lever pre1890, A, Montandon Locle

    I'm looking to learn about my 2nd great-grandfather's watch. Lid inscribed: G. Reymond LOCLE Straight line lever No. 52410 Opposite lid inscribed: 52410 3 He received the watch pre-1890, when he emigrated from France, from a relative in France or Switzerland. Have original box, lining says, "A...
  2. Rizz

    H. Montandon Locle

    My mother gave this to me before she passed a few years ago. She said she believed it was her great grandfather’s. I’m about to pass it along to my baby nephew so it stays in the family. I’ve done a bit of googling but don’t see too much about this particular type. It’s not working but I’m just...
  3. W

    Help! Information needed for a Montandon 35 Jewel pocket watch.

    Hello everyone! Wanted to ask if you could help me identify this particular watch that I have acquired. Research has shown that it may be a 19th century Swiss watch, with a 35 jewel movement - I know Montandon of Locle seems to be a retailer (versus a maker) but if anyone can provide more...

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