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  1. D

    Hamilton Model 23 Primary Reference; AN 05-35A-1

    I have recently acquired an early (P1102) Hamilton Model 23 chronometer watch. From my web research, I have found that the document which provides the overview of parts and disassembly of this watch is titled "Parts Catalog Type AN 5742-1 Navigational Stop Watch" under government document number...
  2. USCanuck

    Military Wristwatch Identification

    Hello, it's been some time since I've posted... I wanted to get an opinion on a recent garage sale find. Its a early 40's military style watch with original leather band (leather front, canvas back) with 24 hr numbers on outside bezel and red 24 hr numbers on the inner ring of the dial...
  3. J

    Clock Seeking Platform Escapement for Smiths KA18735 Military Clock

    Seeking Platform Escapement ETD for Smiths KA18735 Military Clock with ASTRAL movement.See photographs. Movement runs and stops. Balance wheel seems a bit wobbly. Any other parts for this clock will be considered
  4. P

    universal german military

    Hello, Purchased this watch at the weekend and I was hoping that some one could confirm the age/ production date. The watch is, A UNIVERSAL GENEVE, MILITARY STYLE. on the back are, Serial no,1086143,and what I believe is the model no 20720.also engraved on the back is the GERMAN EAGLE carrying...
  5. S

    balance staff for Cyma military pocket watch

    Looking for a balance staff for Cyma British military pocket watch... Does anyone know where I can find one? Are there many different varieties depending on the year of production and serial number? What would you do when you are faced with a vintage part...? Any help is very much appreciated...
  6. K

    Type A11 Waltham WW2 military watch

    You won't be able to tell who the particular soldier was who owned it, or even if it was issued during the war or if was never issued and simply sold after the war as surplus. There are no records. The A-11 was one of the most common watches issued during the WW II time period to guys in the...
  7. F

    BOOKREVIEW: Knirim – Military Timepieces (2002)

    Knirim – Military Timepieces / Bookreview Military Timepieces – 150 Years Watches and Clocks of German Forces, by Konrad Knirim, 2002, Verlag Peter Pomp, Bochum-Essen (Germany), ISBN 3-89355-232-4, Second expanded and bilingual edition, 625 pages. Order through: http://www.knirim.de...
  8. L

    If you like Military Timepieces and memorabilia, you'll love this!

    I am often amazed as I'm sure we all are at the offerings that turn up on e-bay. I just looked at item# 875657872 which consists of a very nice Hamilton Model 22 with gimbals and box along with the shipping container. Nothing all that unusual, right? But then I scrolled down to discover...

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