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  1. S

    Ansonia American Mystery electrified Ansonia movement - info requested

    Hello I have recently started to refurbish old clocks as a retirement hobby, starting with old junk mechanisms to gain some experience then gradually moving on to better quality movements. I recently purchased an old Ansonia movement in a junk sale because it had an unusual feature. The...
  2. 1

    Grandfather clock moon dial design details

    I have a vintage 1907 US-built grandfather clock with what appears to be a standard moon dial. If I'm not mistaken, the mechanisms were standardized, especially the gear trains, to account for the ~29½ day lunar cycle. My questions: Would I be likely to have a dial with 135 (136?) teeth? I've...
  3. L

    Grandfather clock mechanism trigger but no chime

    Hello all. My Grandfather has a Grandfather Clock that he's owned for over 50 years, it's likely much older than that. It's an eight day clock. One gut line snapped a while back so it hasn't been running but we've decided to tackle the job and get it going again. I replaced the gut line on...
  4. G


    Hello! I am not very knowledgeable about mechanical clocks but I do love them, and have been able to get three of them running, prior to such time as I could afford to take them to professionals for servicing. I would like to know the name of a certain part found in many clocks. It's basically a...
  5. RON in PA

    Pocket watch mechanism parts replacement frequency

    As I am getting more knowledgable and seeing things that are missed by previously naive eyes I have noticed that the barrels in two of my PWs are replacements. Are barrels prone to wear and needed replacement? What other parts are prone to replacement?
  6. Tom McIntyre

    Interesting Strike Mechanism

    The first clock I ever bought was a Vienna regulator in 1967. After I had seen a few more rack and snail strike mechanisms I realized that this one was pretty strange. Instead of a conventional gathering pallet it has a spiral rim that gathers pins on the rack...

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