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  1. E

    Waltham Patrician

    I have inherited the following watch and cannot find much info on it. It is running. Is it collectible - worth anything? My first post.. Don't be too critical....Thank you.
  2. Shawn Moulder

    A Very Special Pin Set Watch.

    Even though not a pocket watch, can anyone guess who made my special money clip watch (THE CASE MAKER). The movement is a very thin Waltham 9 ligne that is 17 jewels with gold gears. The watch is unique in that one must push a button on the side that releases the crown.
  3. Jerry Treiman

    Waltham Elegance

    I have mentioned before my research into the watch cases of H.W. Matalene. Waltham had an exclusive arrangement with Matalene to custom-case many of their better small movements for the carriage trade. This partnership lasted from around 1910 to 1924. There is very little documentation of his...
  4. Jerry Treiman

    Two "Patrician" watches

    Here are two beautiful Waltham watches that I recently added to my collection. Both of these were cased and distributed by H.W. Matalene, an obscure casemaker who worked exclusively for Waltham (and who is my primary research focus). Both have Waltham movements marked "Patrician". This...
  5. Jerry Treiman

    Waltham Patrician - private label

    I am researching Waltham's "Patrician" private label. These were made in several grades (15j-23j) and sizes (7-1/2 ligne to 14-size Colonial Series). They were cased as wristwatches, lapel watches and pendant watches in addition to larger men's pocketwatches. I would be grateful to hear about...
  6. Jerry Treiman

    Waltham Patrician - private label

    Another Waltham private label that I am researching is the "Patrician" label. Like the Bigelow, Kennard & Co. label, these were made in several grades (15j-23j) and sizes (7-1/2 ligne to 14-size Colonial Series). They were cased as pocket watches, wristwatches, lapel watches and pendant...
  7. Jerry Treiman

    An Unusual Waltham Dress Watch

    I thought I would share pictures of one of Waltham's more unusual models. These rectangular dress watches, using a thin 9-ligne movement, were produced between 1914 and 1916 and were sold at some of the finer jewelers, including Tiffany & Co. They are about as tall and as thin as Waltham's Opera...
  8. Jerry Treiman

    Ohlson patent for Waltham

    I love finding examples of different watch patents. Olof Ohlson, General Superintendent of the Waltham factory, is probably best known for the patent regulator found on later 16 and 18-size railroad-grade movements. But here is a tiny Waltham 7-1/2 ligne movement that was designed with a...
  9. Jerry Treiman

    sittin' on the shelf

    I have had this elegant ladies watch for a while but I am still learning interesting facts from it. The watch has a 7-1/2 ligne Waltham movement that was made around 1916. This was Waltham's smallest movement for many years (about the size of a dime) and also one of their most expensive (in...
  10. Jerry Treiman

    unusual ladies w/w winds at 12

    I have this Waltham 7-1/2 ligne round movement (circa 1916) with original dial. The dial is 24 mm long and 17 mm wide at the movement. These small movements are typically cased in very stylish gold or platinum wristwatch cases. What has me stumped is that this is set up to wind at 12...
  11. W

    Waltham Question

    Hi All, What is "Matalene Pendant Setting" as seen on page 110 of the Serial Number Book? Thanks in advance. Cheers, WW PS Still need more "Equity" watch serial numbers. THX, wally

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