1. T

    Simplex clock - need information

    G'day All, I'm new to the forum. I've had a long standing interest in old electric clocks - I own a couple of Smith Sectric clocks. I recently bought a Simplex clock at an auction. From what I can research - it is a 'dual motor' and was outdated and not used for very long in USA but continued...
  2. C

    Clock Beat Plate Image - Gent C7 Transmitter (circa 1970)

    Good Day, Looking for an accurate scan of a Gent C7 transmitter Beat Plate to fab. a replica from, if possible. Original 'plastic' plate is badly damaged and illegible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Kind Regards,
  3. proto57

    L&R Master Watch Machine Wiring- unique case?

    I had been looking around for a wiring diagram for my L&R Master Watch Cleaning machine, and found the ones here at the NAWCC. One is posted in this thread: Electric WW - L & R Master Watch Cleaner Manual Needed And a picture of the wiring, and other stuff, is posted in this thread: L&R Master...
  4. S

    Simplex Master

    For the members who have indicated interest - there is a 6400 Time Control Center, with an impulse board accessory, available on eBay. (I am not the seller and I do not have any interest in the sale.) Regards, Steve
  5. P

    IBM UK Master clock 25-7 serial 17656

    Can anyone date this clock. It had been in continues use in a Victorian building where I worked until the building was vacated and the clock given to me.
  6. R

    homemade master dead...What's next

    OK so I get up this morning, look at the Cincinnati slave and see 3AM but it's sunny outside! The homemade master is dead...It was built out of an "atomix" clock a friend got from Wal mart and had been dropped, I pulled the quartz movement out and removed all hands, attatching a disk with a slot...
  7. T

    telechron Master Type B

    I have a Telechron B type master clock that I need to repair/replace the rotor. Since this clock is a bit difficult to work with I was wondering if someone could tell me in advance what to expect when I take out the current rotor. For example, will the mainspring unwind when I remove the rotor...
  8. C

    IBM Master clock

    Can anyone tell me anything about an IBM Model 90-9 . It looks like some kind of master clock. Has what looks like a mechanical Seth Thomas balance wheel movement and a slave movement as well. If you need pictures I can send them to your email address. or email me at Thanks
  9. J

    Need picture of a movement from a Model A ITR master Clock

    Does anyone have a good picture of the movement from an ITR model A master clock? I need it for a Bulletin article and I foolishly gave away my last A movement without taking a picture.
  10. T

    Watch Master Hand Books

    I have again been cleaning out some books from my one jewelry and watch repair shops. I have found two hand books for the Watch Master timing machines. I realize that these machines are not used much today as newer models are being used, HOWEVER.....these books do contain a wealth of...
  11. P

    international master clock

    Hello America, can anyone help please with the dating of this clock which I recently picked up at a local auction here. It has quite an interesting going configeration of two weights as well as the electric motor. I presume the weights were automatically wound and were only used when there was a...

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