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  1. M

    Seeking Comment/Info on this Chinese Market Pocket Watch.

    I just purchased this pocket watch on EBAY. The pocket watch was signed Dimier on the movement as well as Dimier's Chinese mark on the silver case (info from Antiquorum on the Chinese mark for Dimier). There is very info on Dimier. I did visit the website by Vince Ho but again not much on...
  2. Billy

    Brimfield Antique Market- good stomping ground for clocks?

    Hi All, Heading to Brimfield, Mass. antique flea next week. Never been there, so just wondering if anyone else has and what are the chances of finding some good deals? Billy :cool:
  3. S

    Swiss cylinder chinese market?

    I am interested in this watch and have not had too much luck with info at my usual watch forum,can anyone help me here with this?
  4. G

    992B from a flea market in Rome, Italy

    There are only a few Hamiltons in my mixed-up collection, now I have one more. I got back from Italy last night and I'm looking at my latest R.R. watch. The vast Sunday flea market in Rome has plenty of pick-pockets and in some places peaple are packed like sardines. Lots of clothing and junk...

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