1. W

    Dueber Case mark - 14K or GF?

    Can anyone shed some light on this to help me cofirm whether it is solid 14K or gold filled? I am pretty sure it is solid, but just want to make sure....
  2. P


    Hi all, I recently came across an unusual diamond dial on square ivorine type pillars with the only mark on the back plate next to the winder being a K & S in a small clock chapter with hands. I am wondering if this could be Kerne & Sohne. The numerals are arabic with "made in Germany" at the...
  3. Luca

    Can anyone tell me about this case mark?

    This is on the inside back cover of an early Elgin B.W. Raymond. Does anyone know what company made this mark and whether it indicates a gold-filled case or other? http://www.lucadicecco.com/watch/casemark.jpg Thanks for any help, Luca
  4. JST

    Mystery Trade Mark

    Can anybody help me identify the manufacturer who used the attached trade mark? The movement itself is unmarked and is a combination of brass and steel. The plates, main wheels and 2nd and 4th wheels on the time side are steel. The other gears are brass. Is the movement Korean? Also, can...
  5. T

    Gold mark "X"ed out on case.

    Hello all; I have a vintage pendant watch which is marked 10k RGP. The marking is very hard to make out however, as it has been crossed, or x'ed over. I have run across a couple of other watches over the years which have been similarly crossed out. Anyone care to theorize as to why this...
  6. G

    DENVER REGIONAL, Mark your Calendars

    The NAWCC Rocky Mountain regional is being held in Denver on August 3rd and 4th. Here are some of the events that are in the works. A display of rare and important Chronometers, Tools and Rare Watches and Clocks. Tentative presentations include ones about Chronometers and Railroad...

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