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    Who is the Clock's manufacturer

    I am trying to figure out who made the clock I’ve looked and looked for the manufacturer and I do not know who it is if anyone knows please let me know
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    I recall seeing something here a few days ago about some ETA movements being produced in countries other than Switzerland. If this is so, aren't they supposed to be marked with the country of origin when sold in the US? This came to mind when I was checking the label of some clothing when I...
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    Caravelle date of manufacture

    Jim, Caravelle was made by Bulova. Bulova used a dating system by stamping a Capital letter and a number on the back of the case. L was for the 50's, ie L6 was 1956, M was for the 60's, and N was for the 70's. Since this is a Bulova product, and you have a N0 on the back, my guess is that...