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mantle clock

  1. Y

    19th c French Unknown Japy Freres Mantle Clock (ID and Repair Tips)

    Hey all, hopefully my photos uploaded correctly. (I inserted thumbnails for space's sake, but if that doesn't work I'll happily upload in full resolution) Anyways: I picked up this clock at a thrift store yesterday, and I don't know too much about it yet. The stamp indicates that it is a Japy...
  2. M

    Pendulum Attachment Broken?

    Hello all! How are you? Hope everyone is doing well I recently found a mantle clock on the side of the road (a Schatz model) and decided to try and fix it. I had no previous knowledge about these kinds of clocks and how they work/parts etc but thanks to the internet and largely YouTube I was...
  3. Xtopher

    Help Identifying Mantle Clock

    I recently got this clock from someone who wanted it cleaned and running again who had never seen it run in the many years she had it. It's about 20 inches tall and has mother of pearl inlay with floral and gold painting. On the back of the dial there is writing indicating it was cleaned in 1867...
  4. captainclock

    Seth Thomas Leader No. 1 Mantle Clock Info Needed

    Greetings everyone, a few years back I bought from a local fleamarket an old Seth Thomas Mantle Clock, that according to the original sticker on the bottom is called the "Leader No. 1" which when I first got it it was missing the original bezel glass and the bezel hinge had come unsoldered, and...
  5. Copperdragon3

    Kroeber Clock questions

    I picked up this F. Kroeber mantle clock last year and it runs fine. Can anyone help put a date or model name to it? There is no label on the back but the pendulum and key are marked F. Kroeber, New York. It has all original glass and dial. Any information would be appreciated.
  6. A

    Herschede mantle clock, can't access regulating arbor

    Hi everyone, It's been a little while since I last posted, but I'm back once again to ask for your advice. So, about three months ago now I purchased a Herschede tambour clock, model 204, with a dual-chime model 10 movement. I had this clock sent to a friend for safe keeping, as I was out of...
  7. S

    Mantle Clock Won't Chime

    I picked up a mantle clock the other day and it seems to be keeping good time. The issue is that it will not chime. Following are the relevant details. The movement has PATENT No. 421434 OTHER PATENTS PENDING FOREIGN stamped on it. The face is silver with a switch near the 3 that has SILENT at...
  8. SavCom

    Birthday Present - a French Marble Mantel Clock

    I was very fortunate to be given an old marble mantel clock, one I have admired for many a year, for my birthday and I am looking forward to learning about it and maybe servicing it. From similar pictures on the Internet I suspect the movement is a 8-day, of French manufacture and from...
  9. ScotSun

    First post - new acquisition

    So I just found your forums after starting in on experimenting with minor repairs and finding that I enjoyed it... This is a clock that I actually found this summer in England. But it has a Seth Thomas movement... It ran for a couple months after I got it home to South Florida and then, as...

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