1. proto57

    L&R Master Watch Machine Wiring- unique case?

    I had been looking around for a wiring diagram for my L&R Master Watch Cleaning machine, and found the ones here at the NAWCC. One is posted in this thread: Electric WW - L & R Master Watch Cleaner Manual Needed And a picture of the wiring, and other stuff, is posted in this thread: L&R Master...
  2. P

    Cleaning machine

    I would like to move up from my old L&R cleaning machine to an ultrasonic. I would appreciate any advice as to make,,model and or experience. With Thanks, Phil Hannah
  3. L

    Zenith cleaning machine help

    I am rewiring an old Zenith square jar cleaning machine(4 jar recesses with heated drying cylinder).The large resistor that limits the current to the rotation motor is bad and I am trying to find out what the correct resistance is(the resistor mounted to one side with a long screw and nut).Does...
  4. F

    Manafacture of Machine Made Watches

    During my Forty plus years of being involved in the Horological World, I have been led to believe that The American Waltham Watch Company was the first to successfully manufacture machine-made watches. Antiquarian Horology No one Vol 29 Sept 2005 Pg 98 Lecture at the AGM of The Antiquarian...
  5. P

    Tickoprint Standard 2 Valve timing machine.

    Dear Readers I am seeking a occilator board for a Tickoprint Standard 2 Valve timming machine. MY machine has a faulty coil and I need this board for parts. Please Email me if you can help.

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