1. G

    Mysterious London-made pocket watch found in wall

    We're having some work done on our house (in northern California) and my Goonies-inspired dreams have come true -- the crew found treasure inside one of our walls! Amongst some other items that had been squirreled away at some point in the past was this very neat pocket watch that I can't seem...
  2. R

    John Forrest London

    Hello, My mother gave me an old pocket watch some years ago. We’re unable to find a date but on the dial face my watch shows: John Forrest London 24515 It does not work, the crystal is gone, and the hunter case face cover does not stay latched. Wondering if anyone might know any history or...
  3. KathyEdwards

    18th Century Longcase Clock

    This clock was given to my grandfather by one of his parishioners many years ago(uncertain of exact date). I remember it most clearly at my granny’s apartment in the 1970’s. In the mid 2000s, my mother and I donated it to the Anglican diocese of Fredericton to furnish the Bishop’s Court. It...
  4. Ticktocktime100

    Robert Wood, London

    Hi all, A relative sent me these pictures (and the only ones I have, unfortunately) of a clock owned by a friend, which is this superb triple fusee bracket clock, circa 1770-1780, signed Robert Wood, London. Could someone provide me with the information listed in the main reference books, such...
  5. Ticktocktime100

    Mor. Placsson, London

    Hi all, I'm contemplating the purchase of a lantern clock which bears the signature of a maker I have not come across before: Mor. Placsson, London. I'd be curious to know if anyone has any information to offer, and if the name is listed in any reference books - Loomes, perhaps? Unfortunately...

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