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  1. 3

    G. Reymond Straight line lever pre1890, A, Montandon Locle

    I'm looking to learn about my 2nd great-grandfather's watch. Lid inscribed: G. Reymond LOCLE Straight line lever No. 52410 Opposite lid inscribed: 52410 3 He received the watch pre-1890, when he emigrated from France, from a relative in France or Switzerland. Have original box, lining says, "A...
  2. Rizz

    H. Montandon Locle

    My mother gave this to me before she passed a few years ago. She said she believed it was her great grandfather’s. I’m about to pass it along to my baby nephew so it stays in the family. I’ve done a bit of googling but don’t see too much about this particular type. It’s not working but I’m just...
  3. Eric Preston

    Perret & Co. Locle watch

    I inherited this watch from my father who got it from his. I know nothing about it other than what I could find on the interwebs. My dad never mentioned it, and I only found it while dealing with his estate. It's missing the minute hand and as far as I can tell doesn't work, but I'd like to know...
  4. D

    bernard tacot / locle

    Swiss watches of this type are nearly impossible to date. So many were made using ebauche movements and labels with all kinds of impressive sounding names and medals. If you are a member of NAWCC, you can send your question to the library. Kathy Pritchard, author of the two volume reference...

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