1. K

    Kundo Clock Help Needed

    Hello. First time post. First time working on a clock. Have Kundo (1379) took it apart and cleaned and oiled completely. Sent main spring to be replaced at Horolovar and oiled. Replaced and put clock together. Ran 15 minutes and no more. Any suggestions? Tried adjusting saddle for beat...
  2. pgram

    My Just Arrived Kundo, plate 1407B

    Hi, I just received a Kundo, plate 1407B, that I bought on eBay on request from my wife (she likes it...) It was well packed, but the key was missing. The mainspring was at least partially wound, so I tried to make it running. IT RUNS! At least, it has been running for more than an hour now and...
  3. D

    Help to Identify Kundo Dome Clock

    Hi there, would you be so kind as to help me identify my parent's clock please. They have had it sat in theor room for decades without fully knowing its history. I have no experience of these, but from your other threads, I am assuming that its a Kieninger & Obergfell anniversary clock. It has...
  4. J

    Suspension spring length

    I have been working on, what appears to be a Kundo standard 55 (Based on Horolovar book). Plate photo included. According to the book, this uses suspension spring configuration 3C. I lined up all the parts on the new spring with the diagram in the book, and they match up. However, when I...
  5. tracerjack

    Kundo Kundo Electromagnetic

    I went through the archives with this title and read all the posts. Answered my questions about the large screw in the back, whether to oil the acting surfaces of the pawl and EW, and how to substitute the battery holder. As to this clock, there is an inscribed plate dated 1978. It is now...
  6. D

    400 day Kundo just slows down and stops

    my 400-day Kundo anniversary clock runs for about 45 minutes then just slows down and stops. What should I be trying to do to get it to keep running. Have been making slight adjustments to leveling and saddle. Can’t seem to get it to keep going.
  7. rudiedog

    ATO Kundo Adding circuit board to Kundo ATO

    OK, forgive me, electronics is not my thing....at all. I have one of the Kundos with a transistor that has given out. I see someone on E-bay is selling brand new circuit boards for these clock that had them. Could I just add one to my clock? Wouldn't the circuit board do what the Germanium...
  8. rudiedog

    ATO Kundo Kundo ATO Missing parts Help!!!!

    I got a Kundo electromagnetic clock for Christmas. Sadly, it is missing the bar that holds the suspension spring. Does anyone have that part??? I found the suspension spring at Ronell's. At least I think it is the right one. It is for a #54 ATO. I have included pictures. Thanks!! :)
  9. S

    Need ID help: Kundo Junior or Midget?

    Yes, yes, I know it looks like a disaster that's been sitting on a basement shelf for decades, but I was wondering if anyone might be so kind as to help identify this? I refuse to believe it's ready for the dumpster yet, it'll be good "practice" for me. I'm not sure if it's a Kundo Junior or a...
  10. C

    Kundo identification

    Can you tell me which suspension spring/unit I will need for my Kundo 400 day clock. Is the clock a Kundo miniature/junior. I put in a Horolovar .0031" suspension spring but it runs much to fast and I cannot slow it down. How do I attach my photo’s of the clock onto this website. Thanks
  11. dchase123

    Kundo electronic clock

    Hi I have a Kundo electronic clock that is in working order however, it does not keep time. Every time I adjust it, I find the time keeping gets worse. It is either way to slow or way to fast. I have leveled it countless times and have adjusted the pendulum weight in both directions ( + to - )...
  12. W

    Kundo Parts

    Hi Henry. I was finally able to resolve the problem I was having with the message board with the help of Tom. So, I am one of those individuals looking for a pendulum for a battery Kundo. I can only guess that it might be a standard because it is not identified in any way. I can only just by...
  13. DC Kelley

    Suspension springs, Kundo impulse clocks

    How do I size the suspension spring for an early 1960's Kundo electric impulse clock? I have recently obtained two of these, one with the 6-jewel movement, one with the later (cheaper) no jewel movement and both need new springs One is torn, producing tremendous lateral movements in the...
  14. D

    KUNDO, glass dome clock

    I received my fathers prize clock and Its not working, something about the fine steel thread that supports the four ball pendulum, Its twisted. Dose anyone know where I mit be able to procure a new one. Thanks for any help on this matter
  15. R

    Kundo suspension spring

    I need to order a torsion spring for a kundo anniversary style clock circa 1975 +/-. In the LaRose catalog, they are ID'd by model #, but I don ot see a model # on the movement. The movement reads: Cuckco clock mfg. Co., West Germany, No (0) Jewels. The clock is the smaller size the spring...

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