joseph johnson

  1. N

    Cost of Repair?: Joseph Johnson, Fusee Movement

    Hello, I received this watch from my father who collected pocket watches for a number of years. He does not remember where he bought it. I just took it to a watch repair place in Vienna, Virginia--John Alabaster Watch and Clock. He is a British man who has been repairing watches for about four...
  2. W

    Joseph Johnson Fusee #7067 - help please

    I received this watch from my great aunt and need help dating this watch and determining it’s value. Her husband was an avid watch/clock collector and I believe it is all original. It currently does not run but acts like it wants to if you give the balance wheel a light spin. Serial number 7076...
  3. A

    Joseph Johnson Pocket Watch from 1802

    Hello, I have just bought this Joseph Johnson 51mm Pocket Watch from around 1802. I've yet to pick it up but does anyone know where to have it serviced or looked at (in London, UK) to see what state it's in. I've a couple of pocket watches from the 1940's/50's but nothing this old. Any idea of...
  4. Jay Mattson

    Joseph Johnson No. 6287 help please!

    Hello, I have a Joseph Johnson pocket watch that I am hoping to find some information on. The movement is marked Jos H Johnson No.6287 Liverpool. The case has three makers marks, a shield, a lion, and a letter in old English that I can't decipher. It also has the letters WC in regular script and...
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