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    Watch Help WANTED: Several bits and bobs

    1) 12s South Bend lower balance cap jewel 2) 12s Illinois lower balance cap jewel 3) 12s Illinois stem for Wadsworth 12s case 4) 12s Wadsworth case sleeve 5) 12s Fahys case sleeve Every single one of these are apparently non-existent. if you have any of these so sell, I’ll pay up to $25cdn for...
  2. B

    Replacement jewels for Illinois Stewart Special pocket watch

    Hello, I have a 21j Illinois Stewart Special size 12s pocket watch. I believe it is a Grade 274, Model 1 produced in 1922. Both the hole jewel and cap jewel (that go on the bottom/dial side of the balance staff) are cracked. I checked online to find another movement for parts but have been...
  3. D

    Is HSS for pivots a good idea?

    Hello everyone, I was considering using HSS (cobalt) for palet Arbor pivots to go with jewel plain bearings? Has anyone done this before? Its easy to find because, I can cut it off a drill bit of the Dia I need. Just need to taper the end to a point. Isn't this better than hardening steel? Any...
  4. D

    Jewel bearing type

    Hello, I have been using an olive hole jewel bearing for my palet Arbor pivots. Does anyone have experience with straight hole (parallel) jewels? I get the feeling pivots may last longer with the straight holes. Olive hole theoretically offers less friction. My target is longevity. Thanks...
  5. B

    Mechanical WW Looking for a Rolex part:

    Hi. I have a Rolex 720 and am looking for either the train wheel bridge, or the upper jewel for the center wheel. If anyone has one for sale, or knows anyone, or if the jewel would match a different calibre, please contact me. Any lead would be greatly appreciated!
  6. C

    Gruen 21 jewel chronometer?

    I purchased a 16s Gruen 21 jewel pw this weekend with 'chronometer balance' marked on the movement. So, is the the movement of chronometer grade? There is a great deal I do not know about pocket watches and even less about Gruens for I prefer American watches. Serial number 131445 with CD&S...
  7. G

    Seth Thomas Model 5 17 Jewel

    I have a Seth Thomas Model 5 17 jewel, open face, 18 size, stem set, two tone movement. The serial number is 231798. What sets this particular movement apart from the Maiden Lane watches other than wording. It looks remarkably similiar, to me anyway.
  8. M

    Waltham 23 jewel

    Hope you fellas can help. I have a waltham 23 jewel cased pocket watch in need of new click and spring. I have been asked by a supplier with the part if it is a recoiling click or a seperate click and spring. I dont want to order the wrong part, the serial no. is 10552126. Heres hoping...
  9. R

    Question on a 15 jewel Waltham

    Hello, first time poster here. I found a 15 jewel Waltham pocket watch the other day. I got the serial # and its from around 1921. The question is the name on the inside of the back face. It has "DEFIANCE" engraved on it with a different serial number than what is on the inside of the watch...
  10. D

    Looking for information on recently inherited Solar 30 Jewel Watch

    I recently inherited a "SOLAR" brand wrist watch and know nothing about it. It has a gold coloured case. On the face it reads "SOLAR 30 Jewels, Automatic, Shock Resistant, Unbreakable Mainspring". On the back of the watch it reads "Automatic, Antimagnetic, Shockabsorber, Steel Back, Water...
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    Appleton Tracy 1863 Pkt. -- JEWEL QUESTION???

    I have a 16 size Appleton Tracy pocket watch (key wound and set-- Circa:1863) in 18kt. hunters case. Everything is perfect with it, EXCEPT the balance cock has a broken "hole" jewel. *I do not know how to re-jewel the existing hole jewel mount, nor can I find a good replacement. Can anyone out...
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    Illinois 23 Jewel

    Could any of the Illinois Experts verify what I have here. Here is what the movement says and I will in clude a picture.. Sangamo Special 23 Jewels, Motor Barrel. Adjusted Temp and six Positions Sixty Hour.. Serial Number is 4758722. Under balance it says Illinois Watch Co.. Springfield...
  13. H

    21 Jewel Waltham Maximus that was recently sold

    This was a beatiful watch that sold a couple of days ago. Not being a Waltham guy, guess I was curious about a couple of things: 1) In my meager research books (2000 Shugarts), I could not find a model 99 Riverside Maximus that was rated a "2 star". What am I missing? 2) "four diamond...
  14. O

    Waltham #57 grades and jewel counts

    Having recently acquired a Waltham Model 57 dating from 1864, I have been trying to educate myself on these early American watches. One thing that puzzles me is the way movements were assigned to one or another grade. If I have understood rightly, the hierarchy of grades ran (in ascending...
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    need a roller jewel for 18s 7j elgin 4708250

    Any one have one of these they would like to sell, or know of a source. I can't seem to find one anywhere. T I A Usadude USA Dude Good Old USA
  16. R

    15 or 17 Jewel Illinois ?

    I ran across this on ebay and bought it because I thought it was a good example of the 2-tone demasceening. Is it possible the seller is correct and it is a 17 jewel watch and not 15 as indicated in the serial number lists...
  17. G

    Hamilton Model 23 Jewel

    Filed under the "painful lessons" catagory of my education... Anyone have a replacement jewel for the fourth upper bar hole (jewel is part #213 in the military manual)? Really looked like everything was in place, gave it a "not gentle enough" press - a heartbreaking *snap* was my reward...
  18. G

    24 Jewel Bunn Off Center Dial

    Awhile back I purchased an open face Bunn Special 24J, recased in a nice 25 year GF case. I noticed that the movement or dial is not centered directly under the stem. Instead of the stem over the 12 it's more like directly over the 59 minute mark. Crown is straight up, not leaning either way...
  19. W

    This 940 -- one roller jewel or two?

    When/at what serial number did the Hamilton 940s get two roller jewels instead of the original one? Thanks much (w/ 940 #553830)

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