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jerome og

  1. C

    Jerome 8-Day Ogee - Interesting details, and questions

    My wife picked up this Jerome ogee 8-day "Albany" clock for me the other day (yes, I'm, a lucky dog!). All artwork, finish, and hardware appears correct, including the door pull, the mostly-intact walnut veneer, and the apparently hand-stencil-painted center panel... which I am unable to find a...
  2. C

    American Please ID this Clock Jerome co ogee clock (help year of manufacture)

    hello i got a jerome clock and i want to know of its a one before 1865 or later and which year it manufactured i want know this because a have a civil war room where i want to put it if its from the right time period ( these are the only pictures i have from the clock and i cant take more...
  3. Badgerus

    Jerome OG

    Not strictly a 'new' purchase. I bought this about a month ago from an antique centre near Lichfield, but since I'm new to the forum I thought I'd post a few pictures. It was looking very sad and neglected, flat on it's back in the corner of the room with various bits of bric a brac on top. The...

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