1. D

    value Authentic History 19th c Brevetis J.L Reutter S.G.D.G - Atmos

    Hello everyone. New here. My late grandmother had this timepiece she has obtained in her early days. And I was wondering if I may ask for help Identifying it? I’ve found a vast variety of similar ones online and tried reaching out to different auction sites to see if they can identify it but...
  2. S

    Please can someone help identify this make, model and or movement?

    My first post on here so the formatting might be a bit off. But I need help identifying this clock and any info would be great as I've checked every surface I can think of for some kind of identifying mark but there is nothing except two ripped and faded stickers on the back of the case. Even...
  3. R

    P 16 ? Movement

    Hello again Is this a movement marking that anyone recognises? Roy
  4. G

    Please help identifying this mysterious Chronograph movement!

    I have bought an antique chronograph pocket watch, but I cannot find any info on this, please see attached photos! The number shown above the escape wheel is #5842. The number shown on the escapement bridge is #8430
  5. E

    History Identification of Hy Moser & Cie pocket watch

    Hi. I bought a pocket watch recently and I have a few questions about them. Serial number on a mechanism is 15712 K. 15 jewels and the diameter of the watch is 35mm without a crown. Questions: When was it made? What does the letter K mean?
  6. J

    value History Please ID this Clock 18th c After 1900 English Identify this movement

  7. L

    Help with identification: "Admiral" 0s hunter

    Hi, all — I'm a watch newbie, and I recently came into possession of a pocket watch that I believe belonged to my great grandfather. I'm having a devil of a time identifying it, and was hoping you all could help! I'm not expecting it to be worth particularly much; just looking into it for the...
  8. C

    Please ID this Clock Help IDing wall clock

    Hello! I am tapping into this network to get some help with identifying this vintage or antique wall clock. This clock belonged to my mother in law, but my husband and I are not aware of its history or origins. There are no clear markings, other than the back sticker and an engraved number...
  9. B

    Need help identifying French clock movement

    Hi I was hoping to get some information on a clock movement I have. I searched online and can’t find a true match. It has no stamps just the numbers 972 and 72 on the backplate and a 972 with an F on the front plate. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  10. P

    Trying to identify my Grandfather's vintage clocks

    My grandfather passed away within the last year and I am helping my mother sell many of his collectibles. He was in Germany when he served during WW2. I only mention this because we've found many of the items to have a German connection & we have no German heritage. Here are the clocks & any...
  11. R

    Help with Identification of Tiffany & Co. Watch

    Hello, any help ID'ing this Piece or helping Date or Ballpark Price Estimate would be Appreciated. Serial Numbers are Pictured, Looks to read: 1129651 .There is also an etching on the back reading: 63-7-HB (Might not be OG) . These appear to be the numbers but I could be off, take a look for...
  12. K

    Help Identifying more information on my GG-Grandfathers Pocket-Watch.

    A Pocket-Watch i was recently bestowed by my grandfather, who received it from his grandfather, and possibly further back than that. Only things i really know about the watch is how to set/wind it, 18K body and back, brass dust-cover. Any other information someone could tell me will be massively...
  13. B

    Help identifying year of New Haven clock?

    Hello everybody, I've been searching for more information on this clock today I bought at a thrift store and found this site, figured you lot might be able to help! It's ceramic, I believe. I'm mainly looking to know the year, but eventually I'll be looking about how to properly fix it as it...
  14. E

    Damaged Ridgeway Floor Clock Identification

    Hello! I'm new to this site and clocks in general, so I apologize if this is missing any information. I'm trying to identify what sort of clock my father owns at his request. It was given to him by his mother and he estimates it was made in roughly the 70s-80s. We know the clock isn't worth much...
  15. N

    Help Me Identify This Pocketwatch

    Hi, I was recently given this pocket watch from my grandmother but unfortunately she doesn't seem to know much about it and I'm hoping you folks could help. It has a little 'u', lion, and the letters 'we' stamped on the cover opposite the dial as you can see in the photos. On the back it has...
  16. P

    New member identification help?

    Hi all Nice to be part of the community, been interesting looking through the threads some beautiful clocks! I’ve collected wristwatches for years but came across this for sale and thought it was very beautiful and just had to have it. Does anyone think they can help identifying it year etc...
  17. B

    Help identifying clock movements

    Hi I need help identifying this clock movement I got it sits it the housing slanted wich I thought was interesting. If anyone has any idea what it could be it would be appreciated. ps I know the face is Ansonia but can’t find a mechanism like it
  18. T

    Help Identifying Found Clock-New Orleans

    Hi there! I found this clock in a pile of trash outside an old house in New Orleans. It is VERY heavy. Wondering if anyone can help me learn anything about it. Thank you.
  19. H

    Help Identifying Gingerbread Clock

    Hello, I recently purchased a second kitchen clock, however discovered that parts of it are bent. I’d like to replace these parts, however I don’t know what make/model it is. The movement and face have no serial numbers or makers stamp and the back has nothing either. Any help is appreciated!
  20. J

    Regula 25, 1 day, mystery identification

    I am restoring a cuckoo clock that is stamped Regula on the back plate but no alphabet date. This clock has the star wheel inside the two plates not outside like most pictures I find online. Can anyone identify this clock. I have attached pictures. My problem is finding replacements for the...
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