hunter case

  1. R

    John Forrest London

    Hello, My mother gave me an old pocket watch some years ago. We’re unable to find a date but on the dial face my watch shows: John Forrest London 24515 It does not work, the crystal is gone, and the hunter case face cover does not stay latched. Wondering if anyone might know any history or...
  2. A

    1800s Swiss pocket watch

    As many others were led here, I too have a family heirloom that I’d like to try and find out a bit more on. I’ve been enjoying reading through the posts and the well cultivated encyclopedia and learning what I can, but I’d certainly appreciate any insight members might have to illuminate the...
  3. musicguy

    Sunday Hunting

    Sunday Hunting Keith sent me a PM basically saying why don't you post a thread about wearing(or running) a Hunting case watch on Sunday(s) and posting them here in the American Forum. I was reluctant to do it but decided it was a good idea. The more photos posted on this forum of varying...
  4. Tim Fitzgerald

    Hunter case spring

    I have a Waltham 18s coin silver hunter case P/W that has a problem opening . I opened it up and discovered the case spring was missing the two screws holding them in place. I realize there probably a special tool for taking the springs out &in. Can someone give me the basics? Thanks

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