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    suspension spring mounting holes

    hi all, I have read many times here that there are no stupid questions for help, so here goes; The white metal which the suspension springs are made of now is so hard, it is difficult to ream the pin holes for installing without destroying the unit. If not held tight enough-the unit will twist...
  2. V

    What causes blackened oil in bearing holes?

    I repaired an Urgos UW03012A clock movement 15 months ago and now it stopped running. I orginally cleaned the movement with L&R clock cleaning solution and rinsed with L&R #3 watch rinse. I thoroughly dried the movement and installed some bronze bushings. Blackened oil slug in some of the...
  3. D

    Re-bushing Pivot Holes

    Since becoming interested in old and antique clocks, I have progressed to the point where I can dismantle, clean and reassemble clocks such as Sessions mantle clocks, etc. I have also successfully "drawn" pivot holes using hand tools, KWM cutters and bushings. Basically, I use the methods...

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