1. R

    Help to identify movement

    Can anyone recognise this movement or clock maker, it has a pendulum locking device that I've not seen before?
  2. S


    Sooo Ive been dealing with this old grandfather clock that my roomate left when he moved out but now I have to move out because the lease is up so I need it off of my hands. I've done some research and found out the clock is a 1972 ridgeway model 121 movement E. However the clock is currently...
  3. H

    Setting Beat on Kern #1406F Miniature, and other dilemmas

    After finally getting some slightly better tools than my eyes and ears I have been recording my clock's escapement via a timetrax amplifier outputting to software on my pc to analyze the wave form. And I cannot for the life of me get the beat error to be less than 0.150 s. The error changes a...
  4. R

    Help with Identification of Tiffany & Co. Watch

    Hello, any help ID'ing this Piece or helping Date or Ballpark Price Estimate would be Appreciated. Serial Numbers are Pictured, Looks to read: 1129651 .There is also an etching on the back reading: 63-7-HB (Might not be OG) . These appear to be the numbers but I could be off, take a look for...
  5. K

    Please ID this Clock Help to Identify an Old English Longcase Clock

    I have a lovely Old English Longcase clock that's been in my wife's family for several generations. It has been restored recently and is running and chiming beautifully! I know very little about the clock, so would love some help to identify the maker and learn as much as possible about it...
  6. S

    How to pick a pocket watch in 2023?

    I'm a complete newbie in pocket watches but I am looking to buy my first one and I need your help in picking one. I did not manage to find useful information on what pocket watch brands and sellers are reputable. My price ceiling for a watch is $250-300 USD. My main criteria is for them to be...
  7. LarryAC

    Escapment anchor adjustment help needed

    Hobbyist here currently trying to get a grandfather clock working for my sister-in-law. It's a German made Heinz-Jaunch movement. I have the movement and weights on a repair stand I built in my shop. The only problem I can see with the clock is that the beat cannot be set correctly. With...
  8. Mike Mall

    Bushing Under a Bridge

    I am working on a Waterbury 30 hour clock I just acquired. Some past repairer installed a Rathbun bushing on the fly arbor. I want to remove that, and install a proper bushing. However the bridge is over the pivot hole. How do you folks get around a bridge to drill, and press in a new bushing?
  9. S

    Cuckoo Shield Quail-Cuckoo

    Hello, I am concerned about this question, is it supposed to be like this? I've never seen combat and movement move in the same direction. Was it originally designed that way, or did someone change it? The mechanism has been restored, it works as it should. But the question is about the...
  10. ClockDummy

    Kienzle Clock

    I don’t know anything about clocks but an older friend of mine wanted to know what he had here. I know it needs the weights but I’m not sure what size. He’d like to know what it’s worth. Any help I’d really appreciate.
  11. J

    1930s Kienzle 605 Mantle Clock advice

    Hello, I recently bought a 1930s Kienzle mantle clock. Unfortunately the workings were incomplete and so I have no choice but to replace the workings with a modern mechanism. I’m struggling to work out how to get the old mechanism out without risking damaging the face which is in excellent...
  12. Tyson Chambers

    1936 Elgin 519 Cleaning & Reassembly Help Please

    Hi all, Firstly, I apologize if this post isn't categorized correctly. I'm happy to change any of the tags or categories for the sake of keeping things tidy. So please just message me and let me know. This is my first post and first watch outside of playing with 60's-70's Timex movements I'm...
  13. W

    Cuckoo Help ID my Cuckoo Clock

    Hi, recently I received this Cuckoo clock from a relative, but no information along with it. The only things I have been able to identify have been: Made in Germany under the clock hands Inside on the clock mechanisms: Upper: Synt - Oil Clock. 859 2nd down: G.M 1884288 1692176 3rd down left...
  14. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Alarm What's this logo?

    Here I have a face of an alarm clock. It came in a box of parts as a random spare- no movement or anything. I cannot find a result for this trademark so I am asking the forum. It is printed card attached to what looks like lead with three dials and a capital G in a five-pointed star. What was...
  15. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Lots of clocks to identify! PART 2

    I am having trouble ID'ing these clocks. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 7. Small unbranded 'tin can' alarm clock. Bevelled glass. Note: Missing the entire alarm winding shaft, so any info about its replacement would be very helpful! 8. Gordian Hettich Sohn cuckoo clock with...
  16. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Lots of clocks to identify! PART 1

    I am having trouble ID'ing these clocks. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Pictures included. 1. Time-only movement stamped '1 41667'. American? 2. Unbranded peg-leg alarm clock. 4in dial. German? 1915? 3. Unbranded mini onyx clock. Germany with fancy movement. 4in tall 4...
  17. Evelyn

    Newbie questions about photos and dust Hamilton 972

    Hello, all. I'm (yet another) newbie who just inherited Grandpa's old pocket watch; and I'm bursting with all sorts of questions, many dumb and some possibly otherwise. But the first two problems I'm facing are very basic: 1) I'm a little reluctant to post photos of my watch because the photos...
  18. T

    HELP! Need help identifying ridgeway grandfather clock

    I recently purchased a ridgeway grandfather clock from an estate sale. I’m having a hard time figuring out much information about it. I can’t find the silver serial number badge, but I did find a sticker with some information and also a sticker from a company who serviced it for the previous...
  19. L

    Identifying this quartzmatic watch

    Hello, I am having trouble identifying this watch. I have poured over westclox catalogs at the advice of someone who told me quartzmatic often sold there, but no luck. I can't find "quartzmatic" anything online involving pocket watches. Any tips or help identifying this watch? It's a digital...
  20. RyanM


    I inherited a pocket watch and on the front it says North Shore Limited. I did some research and found these forums to have the most information about such things. What I read here and other places was that North Shore was never a manufacturer name, and in fact it was most strongly associated...
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