gustav becker

  1. M

    Post Your Gustav Becker Clocks Here

    Can we do it this way ? Mike
  2. A

    My new Gustav Becker mantle clock

    Hi folks, Thought I'd come on here to share a Gustav Becker Westminster mantle clock I got a few days ago with you all. According to the seller, it's from1921. Over the past two days, I've been quite impressed by how smooth and not fussy this clock has been, and I quite enjoy its deep and...
  3. P

    Inherited my Grandparents Clock

    Hi I have recently inherited my grandparent's grandfather clock. I am 54 years old and they had it as long as I can remember, It has been transported the 250 miles to my house but I cannot get it to run. Unfortunately I do not know when it last ran. I can get the clock to chime when I wind the...
  4. M

    How to identify and care for my wife's Anniversary Clock

    My wife inherited a brass anniversary clock in its original glass dome. It used to work but when we moved house we lost the suspension spring and fittings. It looks like a Gustav Becker, but there is no maker's mark just a serial number 18929 below a 0. It doesn't have a suspension spring...
  5. Microfiche

    Where to start - learning to repair Vienna Regulator

    I have used this forum a couple of times in the past - first to ID my clock in 2010 and 8 years later to try to find someone to do some maintenance on it in 2018. You can find details on it in those posts. I have tried a few places in my area to get this clock working properly again, but have...
  6. C

    My First Clock - Gustav Becker

    I just purchased my first ever clock and I'm curious for as much info as I can possibly get about it! From my understanding it's from the 1890s, but curious as to who took over or what happened as GB died in the 1880s, so I would take it this clock is not truly a GB clock? Any and all info...
  7. Kevin Knauss

    Gustav Becker Vienna Reg Date?

    I picked up this Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator at an estate sale a couple of month's ago in Sacramento, CA. I was drawn to beveled glass front, which unfortunately makes the door very heavy and has been repaired at least once. But I am unsure of the date. I'm guessing post 1900 because of the...
  8. O

    Gustav Becker two-weight wall clock

    I purchased this two-weight Gustav Becker this summer. Please see the attached images. Serial number is 1793673. The condition is not bad. The movement works well. The case is ok, except for the crown. But there are a few details missing. The dial, hands and weights are fine. The pendulum has...
  9. Lequeb

    Gustav Becker pocket watch for ArcelorMital

    hi, I came across a GB pocket watch for ArcelorMital.. How it can be possible..?
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