1. F

    Unknown Suisse Poincons de Maîre for Gruen; "JP"

    Hi, I have learned a lot about this watch from very knowledgeable members at vintage Gruen forum. Everything *except* who manufactured this case for United Watch....a Gruen subsidiary. Please, does anyone recognize this punch: JP? Thank you!
  2. dpn

    Gruen Pentagon PW

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a Gruen pentagon pocket watch with a V4 VeriThin movement (17j, adjusted to 8 positions). Its movement serial number is 519067, and its Wadsworth case serial number is 358864. This is my first pocket watch, and I'm absolutely delighted by it! The dial and case...
  3. E

    Gruen 420SS T.D. Corp Case.

    I found this at an auction house and won it when the Omega no-name went quickly over of my estimated value. (what I figured I could get away with paying for another watch without my wife finding out) I really liked the face of it and the engraving on the back "Cased and timed by Precision...
  4. instarclock

    Gruen Guild Cosmos Clock

    Hi All I recently received my Cosmos clock back from Michael Holman at Curt’s Clocks. He did a great job overhauling and cleaning it up. I bought the clock last November at a Local 139 one day sale. It would run for a few hours and then stop. Just needed a good cleaning and the bellows...
  5. viclip

    Watch Gruen "Victor" Wristwatch

    I've reviewed some Gruen promotional material from 1936 announcing the release of a 15j men's gold-filled "Victor" wristwatch honoring the actor Victor McLaglen. Gruen concurrently released a women's version named "Victoria". I'd like to acquire the men's "Victor" version. I'd give some...
  6. MikeBarnett

    Gruen Caliber-Date Table... 2017 Version....

    Tick-tock goes 2017... it's almost past us. But before it goes, I would like to get this latest and great version of the Gruen Caliber-Date table out to everyone. It's been at least 6 years since the last major update. It's a rather simple table with the Caliber number, movement Quality...
  7. C

    Gruen 21 jewel chronometer?

    I purchased a 16s Gruen 21 jewel pw this weekend with 'chronometer balance' marked on the movement. So, is the the movement of chronometer grade? There is a great deal I do not know about pocket watches and even less about Gruens for I prefer American watches. Serial number 131445 with CD&S...
  8. B

    Gruen cal. 98 Help me

    Hello all, (and sorry for my English) My request to the forum: I have a vintage Gruen for project, but no notice. The watch White metal (white gold?), square 25 x 25 mm (like Gruen Tank 6 White), no second hand On dial: - Gruen Precision On case back - Patented 3-7-22 - GRUEN - Reinforced gold -...
  9. S


    I have a ladies Gruen Curvex Precision black face watch which belonged to my grandmother. I'm trying to date it. I believe it is prior to 1958 which is the year I was born, but I can't be positive. The movement has the following on it: Gruen Watch Co. 17 Jewels SE Venteen Unadjusted Curvex...
  10. popeye

    Info/History Of This Gruen Guild Watch?

    Just saw this listed on ebay and was wondering the history and information of this Gruen Guild watch. Haven't seen this one or any Gruen that said Guild. Appreciated, thanks.
  11. Cary Hurt

    Gruen center wheel

    Myron, If you still need this part, please contact me. It should also interchange with the center wheel from the 335 caliber Gruen movement. Cary Hurt
  12. doug sinclair

    Gruen - need help to identify year

    Hi, Welcome to the NAWCC Message Board! This topic has appeared before on the message board. You might want to click on old ref::this link and read these posts as it may tell you something useful. In short, see if you can find out the model number of the movement and perhaps we can help. By...
  13. I


    you ain't gonna like this, (dont worry alot of other manufactures seemed to have the same problem) I went to the most conclucive site on gruens that I know of, and found this statement; "The original Gruen Company made over 4000 different wristwatch models and hundreds of pocket watches before...
  14. popeye

    Gruen Watch-Information/Date???

    Picking up this watch. Said has a 17 jewel 435 gruen movement with faceted crystal. Original face and hands. Anyone know date or any information/history about this watch? Help and knowledge appreciated, thanks.
  15. H

    Gruen Veri-thin model mainspring - what is the number?

    This Gruen 17 J Precision Verithin (V4) is a heck of a nice clean watch, and it runs great for about 12 hours, then slows way down. Also, it does not feel quite right, when winding it. I am certainly going to add a 19 J Verithin and maybe even an Ultra Thin to my collection in the future, as I...

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