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grandfather clock

  1. A

    Rocking Ship Automaton Grandfather

    Photos at bottom. Was out going to antique stores and found this Rocking Ship Automaton grandfather clock movement for very cheap in a rural small town. The face was hand painted and has R. Foote of Faversham signed on the front. It also has the day calender. It is missing its seconds hand...
  2. S

    New member. Simplex and other clocks

    Hi all! I'm researching these clocks for my better half, who is legal conservator for his mother's estate. They're all so cool, but impossible to find information on! I've found some stuff on the Simplex clock, but not much. Any advice or information welcome!
  3. R

    Clock Help Jacques B&D 9 Tube Grandfather Clock ~1910 cabinet key specs?

    I've found an old B&D Jacques 9 Tube Grandfather Clock, but the key to open the main cabinet door is long missing. I tried a standard Skelton key but the "tooth" was too long. Anyone have any idea what kind of key would fit this? It appears a smaller skelton key might work.. Going to try a...
  4. M

    Help with grandfather clock classification

    I would sit in the living room as a kid and whistle the all too familiar chime that our Grandfather clock emitted. My grandfather recently passed so Pop got his and then gave me our old one. Story goes; in the late 80's Virginia Roofing Corp asked Pop what he wanted for a performance bonus and...
  5. Chris Grant

    Clock Open Worm Shaft Part needed for Standard Time Master Clock (circa 1951)

    Hello, I inherited my Grandfather's two Standard Time Machine Master clocks serval months ago. One I have working and the other is missing a Worm Shaft assembly. This Worm Shaft engages with the Main Motor shaft. I have attached pictures below to show what I need. And point out where it is...
  6. TheClockKing

    Trying to identify the model of Herschede Hall Clock I have

    Hello All! I've recently inherited a 1938 Herschede hall clock, and I'm trying to figure out what model it is (first off, it doesn't have any tube bells). I have a couple of pictures below that will help the identification process. If you have any questions let me know!
  7. H

    Skeleton Key Replacement & ID Wood for Grandfather Clock

    I got this lovely Seth Thomas grandfather clock for free but I have very little knowledge of grandfather clocks. Based on the engraved plaque, it was purchased in 1985 as a Christmas gift. I assume it as produced around that time as well. The label says: Model 4506 Cutting 8531 Eng. 4506-000...
  8. R

    Full Restoration of Colonial Manufacturing Co/Winterhalder/HWN Grandfather Clock...

    I have recently acquired a clock that I believe I have identified so far as (mostly by using the NAWCC Site): Colonial Manufacturing Co./Winterhalder/HWN grandfather clock circa 1919-1929. More likely 1919-1925, since there are no "Hawina" markings on it. It is marked with HWN in multiple...
  9. R

    Identifying and Restoring an HWN/Winterhalder Longcase Clock...

    Hi, I am a new member of the site with very little experience in old clocks, although I have admired long case clocks my whole life. I have recently acquired a clock that I believe I have identified so far as (mostly by using the NAWCC Site): HWN/Winterhalder circa 1919-1929. It is marked with...
  10. A

    Can Anyone Tell Me What Brand This Clock Is?

    I have a Tempus Fugit Key Wind Grandfather Clock. I cant find any markings to identify the maker. It does have Regulator on the glass and Tempus Fugit on the face. I cant find amy matches on my web searches. Does anyone know what brand this clock may be ?
  11. 1

    Grandfather clock moon dial design details

    I have a vintage 1907 US-built grandfather clock with what appears to be a standard moon dial. If I'm not mistaken, the mechanisms were standardized, especially the gear trains, to account for the ~29½ day lunar cycle. My questions: Would I be likely to have a dial with 135 (136?) teeth? I've...
  12. __on_the_verge

    18th c 18th Century Dutch Longcase Clock

    So, recently I obtained this 18th century Dutch Longcase clock by Gerrit Ter Vooren, C. 1760. I am very excited as this kind of clock is very rare, but its rarity also poses some difficulty in finding information. It has complications for the moon phase, date and seconds. There is a ship...
  13. D

    Help in identification

    I'm told this clock was in our family since before the Civil War. Is this Gothic style for the woodwork? Couldn't find similar fretwork online. Behind the faceplate is a 6-digit serial number, but we can't make out the text above it. Any help in identifying would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. U

    Help with identifying maker and era of a Tall Clock

    Hello folks, New member here. My family is downsizing and we have two tall clocks. One has been in my family since the late 1700s (wow!) and the other was my great aunt's. She was born in 1900 in Maryland. Pics of her clock attached. I'm looking for help with identifying the maker and era...
  15. M

    Franz hermle clock

    Hello, I have a franz hermle grandfather clock that my father bought from a furniture shop. I live in kuwait The clock is broken and doesn’t work as far as i know. I tried looking inside through the side acces panel to see if i can pin point the issue exactly. But i have no knowledge when it...
  16. M

    Purpose of wood on clockcase

    I have purchased this clock which has this piece of wood turns when it is moved. I think that it's purpose is that when it is turned to the upright positionit stops the hood from falling out. However I have another clock made by the same maker which has the same thing, but if it is turned to...
  17. A

    Hoping to swap chime selections on grandfather clock

    Hi everyone, Back on this fine forum with another question for you all. This may be nothing but a silly idea, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask... Also, I figured I'd post this in the repair section since it's more technical. Sorry if it's in the wrong place. So, a few days ago I finally...
  18. K

    How to align moon dial arm

    I have an Emperor 300 with the moon dial. The attached photo shows how the arm that pushes on the dial (circled in red) is sitting on the side of the dial, not along the edge. It has always been like this. I put it back where it goes. It will click once just before 12:00 and then slide over...
  19. S

    Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

    I have a Howard Miller G. F. clock. The hook on top of one of the weights broke in the middle of the night, scared the daylights out of me, and broke the floor board at the bottom of the case. Only dumb luck prevented it from breaking the mirror or the glass panel, which go all the way to the...
  20. M

    When cleaning older (100 yr) movement, do you want clean and shiny or just functional?

    I picked up an old Mauthe GF clock, and it is in serious need of cleaning. However, part of the charm is that it just "looks" old. For those of you that have cleaned one or more old clocks in the past, did you try to make it look shiny and new, or did you keep the old look and clean, polish...

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