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  1. musicguy

    Hamilton grade 942

    I recently purchased a Hamilton 18s grade 942 that went to the finishing dept. March 6, 1905. (I believe in original case) At the time it was manufactured the Hamilton 942 was widely accepted by RR's into railroad time service. It was also the highest grade 21 jewel 18 size watch Hamilton...
  2. F

    American PW Elgin size 12 grade 192 Center wheel assembly

    The Center wheel assemble on grade 192,188, 392 are an assemble of shaft, wheel, center pinion. My unit is dishelved such that the shaft wobbles severly, the center pinion comes off as spins loosly. In short, my center wheel assemble is a basket case and will not operate. Can I reassemble this...
  3. R

    I have an Elgin size 18 grade 44.Will other Elgin sz18 fit mine

    Hi,I have an elgin grade 44 size 18 screw off back and front. I want to replace the back and was wondering if any size 18 elgin screw off front and back will fit.I have been looking for grade 44 but no luck, So I have looked for similar models, will they fit if it's the same size and basically...
  4. I

    UPDATE: RARE! "N" grade IWC pocket watch

    I had previously posted for discussion (old ref::LINK) Regarding a watch that I believed to be a rare IWC early N grade caliber pocket watch. I did end up selling this watch to IWC for further inspection (they didn't want to inspect this watch without buying it for fear of damaging or...
  5. D

    Grade 192 Elgin Pocket Watch

    There were four pallets for second model - grade 188 and Third model - grade 192. According to E & J Swigart Co. "Illustrated Manual for American Watch Movements": 2984 Pallet Fork and Arbor, Single roller, Conical pivot, Sapphire. 2985 Pallet Fork and Arbor, Single roller, Straight pivot...
  6. Brad Maisto

    Ebay Elgin watch grade "349" ??

    I?m curious to know if anyone else saw the Elgin, supposedly grade 349, 18S Elgin watch on Ebay yesterday, item #1692625085? I thought the Grade 349 was or is a full-plate movement, this watch on Ebay was a ?Veritas? model 9 that looked more like a grade 239, which would be right by the serial...

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