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  1. P

    Good question

    long day
  2. lamarw

    Another Good Weekend

    Wanted to share this weekend's acquisitions. Obtained a nice Jerome & Darrow (30 hour wood movement) Column & Cornice Shelf clock and an even nicer Birge, Mallory & Co. 8 day (strap brass weight driven movement) Triple Decker Shelf clock. Both have heavily carved tops with an eagle on the...
  3. Billy

    Brimfield Antique Market- good stomping ground for clocks?

    Hi All, Heading to Brimfield, Mass. antique flea next week. Never been there, so just wondering if anyone else has and what are the chances of finding some good deals? Billy :cool:
  4. bangster

    Do these Ebay items look any good?

    Howdy... Anybody care to give me their opinion on either of these two ebay items? NEW ULTRASONIC CLEANER JEWELRY WATCH CLOCK PART TOOL Item number: 4981179365 ANTIQUE CLOCK MAKERS TOOL- SPRINGWINDER Item number: 6521533205 I sure don't want to bid on anything if it's not going to help...
  5. 4

    Advice on how to deal a REALLY good watch?

    I've met a gentleman who has a remarkable collection of watches accumulated by his father in the 40's and 50's. These are of the sort that usually occupy the last 2-3 pages of Sotheby's and Christie's catalogs. I would be grateful for advice on how best to broadcast the availablity of this...
  6. B

    Tool to give watch a good beating.

    Good day folks. I just placed this post in the pocket watch section and thought that the tool involved might be of interest to someone here. Happy Holidays. I presently have a Waltham model '88 on the bench. After replacing a couple of plate jewels and installing a new mainspring, it ran great...
  7. Tom McIntyre

    The Good(?) Old Days

    We are having a little quiz on the pocket horology board to try to date this piece of ephemera. It also raises some questions that have been discussed here previously on the price one might expect to pay for various repair services. :smile: ------------------ Tom McIntyre President, NAWCC...

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