1. Diane

    English Graves watch

    I have a family watch that isn't working and I would like to find out more about it. It looks like a pocket watch in 14k gold casing. The inscription in the case is S(?)G Graves. Swiss made. With a number of symbols validating the 14k gold. Repairers here in Australia have said it was too...
  2. kcran95

    Robinson Watch Found

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and am not at all versed in horology. I've done as much searching as I could, but I've come to a standstill, as I can't find much information here. I found this watch amongst my grandfather's things. He used to tinker with watches and clocks with his dad...
  3. L

    Can you help identify this watch?

    Good day fellow watch enthusiasts, I stumbled upon a pocket watch at my grandmother's house, she said it belonged to an uncle of some sort. She lives in Hamburg, Germany. On the inner site of the backplate is an engravement saying: "G.W.C. Plate trademark" and underneath the number 1482311. The...
  4. S

    Bailey Banks and Biddle help gold pocket watch

    Can I get some help getting more info and potential value on this pocket watch I inherited, please? The jeweler just wants to melt it for gold.
  5. Roos

    Rolex 34 mm, French case, pink gold, fixed bars, 1930's, ref. 7550/2416

    Hello, i was wondering if there might be people who can tell me more about this watch. I can't find much about it myself, any tips or references to other sources are welcome. Rolex watch from the 1930’s, French case, 18k solid rosé gold, fixed bars between the lugs, 34mm case size, radium dial...
  6. F

    Help with identification please!?

    Hello! I am new to this forum business so please bare with any errors... I was given this watch by my grandfather. He said it doesn’t work and he doesn’t want it anymore as he will never wear it, but it is 18ct gold and thought I could get some money for it (I work as a goldsmith). It is indeed...
  7. A

    1800s Swiss pocket watch

    As many others were led here, I too have a family heirloom that I’d like to try and find out a bit more on. I’ve been enjoying reading through the posts and the well cultivated encyclopedia and learning what I can, but I’d certainly appreciate any insight members might have to illuminate the...
  8. I

    Cyma Gold Plated 1910' / 1920'. NEED INFORMATION

    HELLO FOLKS! Recently my Grandfather gave me his father's pocket watch, gold plated Cyma. He said it's from around 1910/1920. I really want to know as much as possible about this watch, because it is a family's little treasure, and it has loong history. Hope You guys can help me :) !
  9. pgram

    Need info on a 18K 1/4 Pocket Repeater

    Hi, I have a pocket Repeater, marked PEGASUS. I cannot find any information on the Internet; can anybody help me to identify the maker and possibly the age? Thanks! Paolo Gramigna
  10. O

    Help finding out more about great grandfathers IWC gold pocket watch

    Greetings, I am very new to the forum and ended up here after I started researching my great grandfather's old pocket watch that has now turned into sort of a family heirloom. I wonder if someone here can help me nail down the model of my great grandfathers gold pocket watch, and add any...
  11. musicguy

    Hamilton grade 942

    I recently purchased a Hamilton 18s grade 942 that went to the finishing dept. March 6, 1905. (I believe in original case) At the time it was manufactured the Hamilton 942 was widely accepted by RR's into railroad time service. It was also the highest grade 21 jewel 18 size watch Hamilton...
  12. J

    Vintage Cartier Tank... is it authentic?

    Hi! I recently bought this Cartier tank watch with a lapis face. The seller says that it was bought at one point in the 80s, but I can't find photos online of any watches of the exact same model. There are a few of things that make me wary of the authenticity... 1) All other Cartier watches...
  13. Magichael

    $ 18K Gold Swiss Pocket Watch

    I found this pocket watch in my Nan's house the other day. Can anybody tell me anything about it? In particularly information about the movement, as there is no serial number (only on the case). The case has a serial number (339816) accompanied by OL above it and the word "cuivre" which...
  14. D

    Audemar Piguet pocket watch research

    Hello, A firend has inherited some family heirlooms and one of the items of interest is a pocket watch she currently has encased in a frame with photos of a relative she believes the watch belonged to. As the relative was a well-known civil war Brigadier General, she believes it is from the time...
  15. S

    Vallon Pocket Watch; Info & Help Needed for Basically Everything

    Hi, thanks for giving me the opportunity to join this community. I recently inherited a large amount of my families property and in that I found a box with my great grandparents items; among them was a gold pocket watch I know nothing about other than it is probably over a century old; I...
  16. Jerry Bryant

    Fredonia SN/7146 Gold HC - RR Watch?

    The Fredonia Watch Co. 18s 15j "Adjusted" SN/7146 that I found on ebay very recently, is my most ornate pocket watch find to date. Here is the link to view some photos: http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=1384...id=5309554&members=1 I have a few questions about this find that I...
  17. K

    Faver Gold Double pocket watch

    I have located some watches from an estate in eastern Canada. Unfortunatly living in Alberta all I have to go by is the owners wifes word and a friend to inspect them that realy does not know a lot about watches. So I am asking the forum for some good advice. One of the watches is a 1922 gold...
  18. B

    use of liquid gold??

    Has any one tried the non-electric home type gold touch up "plating"?? I am curious as to the results short of having a full replating job. T.I.A; Bill
  19. G

    Illinois 18 Gold Flashed Adj. 4 Positions

    Would an 18 size Illinois 17 jewel LS open face with gold flashed screws, regulator, etc. that is marked Adj. for four positions be the same watch listed in Shugerts Guide as Extra Adj. 4 Positions Thanks
  20. R

    Gold Tester

    Does anyone know about the Mizar gold tester? I heard they were good, They have two different ones on Ebay A ET 18 and a M118A9 the last one being more expensive. Decideing which one to buy. Thanks Rantime

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