german time bomb

  1. gulfcoastclockco

    Modern German Time Bomb - S Haller - I survived

    Late night musings about an upcoming project in the next couple weeks. While doing research for another piece, saw a couple posts regarding this beautiful monster. First one I'd ever taken on, customer said it never had run after purchased at a thrift shop. Granted they didnt have a key, but...
  2. Lori Lovett

    Well sh!&... of all the clocks I could've brought home.....

    So my dad died on 7/5 and I took a few things from his house (the house I grew up in) including an anniversary clock. But turns out it's not just any anniversary's an Elgin Halleren Skeleton Anniversary Clock. Yes! I brought home a German Time Bomb! So much for the innocent clock I...
  3. pgram

    I just bought an Elgin S. Haller Time Bomb!

    Hi all, I just bought an Elgin S. Haller 400days clock, also known as "the German Time Bomb"! I am aware of the risks, and I have read all the information available here and on Google. Many years ago, I was a Bomb Disposal Officier in the Army, and so I decided to accept the challenge! My goal...
  4. crazybilly

    Things for Newbie to Try to Get Haller Running?

    I inherited this Haller anniversary clock from my grandparents' estate--it was one of the few things that I remember seeing in their house when we visited. I can't get it to run for more than a few minutes--the pendulum looses energy ever rotation. I've checked the suspension spring--even...

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