1. B

    Function Help identifying large fusee movement

    I got it from a local garage full of clocks and parts. I was impressed with the size and solidity of it. Its brass plates are 16.2cm x 11.5cm x 7.6mm thick. The only alphanumerics I can find are "J.R" at the bottom of the front plate (see image). Its fusee seems to have square cross section...
  2. H

    Pre-tension a fusee

    Please would someone explain in simple words exactly how to pre-tension the lines on a fusee (the business of winding 3/4 to 1 1/2 turns of line on the drum)? It cannot be when fully wound (no give from the fusee) nor when unwound (too much give).
  3. T

    Help please - Fusee pocket watch. Who actually made these watch movements?

    Hi all. Please see the attached photos. It's a FUSEE CHAIN pocket watch belonging to my friends grandfather. I have dated the outer silver case to 1093 from the CHESTER Hall Mark (3 wheatsheafs) and a curly "C". The watch has papers behind case cover from F Esslemont Jeweller, Forfar, 1932. The...
  4. T

    Silver Verge Fusee Clock

    Hi , I am looking for description and information and about this incredible silver verge fusee clock . Who made it ? and which year was made ? It seems to be an alarm watch because the dial has 4 holes , but I don't know what each hole is used for ? This clock was belong to a military and royal...
  5. W

    Joseph Johnson Fusee #7067 - help please

    I received this watch from my great aunt and need help dating this watch and determining it’s value. Her husband was an avid watch/clock collector and I believe it is all original. It currently does not run but acts like it wants to if you give the balance wheel a light spin. Serial number 7076...
  6. Ron751

    Help Fussing with a fusee

    I had to do a small repair to a fusee movement, so of course the whole thing had to come apart. These moments are great to work with because of so few wheels & accessories. BUT - the problem is always how to get the cable/chain back to the barrel & cone. I know the preloading procedure…the...
  7. G

    English pocket watch

    I have an English fusee pocket watch which has been handed down from my grandfather, however, I can not identify the maker. The case is hallmarked with a Lion passant, London hallmark, date letter is a Gothic lower case k, possibly 1845, it also has a small cross in a shield. The case makers...
  8. J

    Key wind watch

    Would anyone know anything about this watch ? I have no key so I don’t know if it works or not, I am looking for age, maker, etc. Is a front wound watch uncommon ? any information would be appreciated. Thank you
  9. pgram

    Another Pocket Watch Information Request

    I found another Pocket Watch, for a long time forgotten in a drawer. When I opened it, I found the watchmaker name inside: John Harrison from Liverpool! Of course, it cannot be THAT John Harrison... Anyway, it is a Fusee, I think it has a Lever Escapement, and after checking and carefully...
  10. Ron751

    Modern fusee movement ?

    I bought this from a fellow in Northern Ireland. It is missing some parts but it clearly is a timer that turned something on & off. It was very clean when got it & I rigged it to make a 24 hr clock which keeps perfect time. There are no markings to help ID it. Were fusees used in modern times ?
  11. Ron751

    Fusee power

    The brass cable in my fusee movement recently broke while winding - there was no damage. I replaced it with the same length of gut & used a prescribed method to set the preload. The clock had previously run about 6.5 days. Now it runs about 4 days w/half of the fusee cone still wrapped. The...
  12. Ron751

    Fusee cable thickness

    The cable broke on my fusee movement - it is .043" thick. I have some nice brass multi stranded brass cable that is .063 Thk. That is only 1/2 of a mm difference. Can I use it as a replacement ?
  13. Ron751

    First time seeing a rear wind/rear set fusee

    I assume that these movements are for mantle clocks... When you turn the small hand on the 60 increments dial, do you have to watch the regular hands also ? Does that small dial give an accurate representation of the time ? Thanks.....
  14. J. Graham

    Fusee, Swiss, Lutz Freres

    Came across this piece, upper staff pivot is broken, the rest of the watch looks in decent shape My question is how do I, or is it possible, to replace just the upper pivot I would reall like to get this running. Also anyone have an approximate age of this? Thanks in advance Michelle
  15. R

    Type of Escapement??? Anyone?

    Hi All, This is link to sold listing. I did not win but really only want to know is this an early Anchor or Deadbeat or??? Stumped Thanks for the look Rob E bay should add a q and a with the buyer lol Link:ANTIQUE FUSEE POCKET WATCH MOVEMENT, WAKELIN & TAYLER, | eBay
  16. Ron751

    Hands for fusee ???

    It seems that hands for fusee movements are lost entities.. Minute hands are usually easy to adapt but my hour pipe is almost 1/2” in diameter. I am not skilled enough to modify an hour hand with an added collet… ….Was surprised to see that even shops/suppliers in the UK don’t sell them. I...
  17. shutterbug

    First Fusee

    I just got my first Fusee. The cable is broken, so letting the spring down is not an issue. I'm not sure I understand the principle of the clock. I can see that the cable winds around the drum and the spool, but don't quite see how the spring works. The cable is broken at the barrel, and it...
  18. J

    Single Fusee 'World Time' clock 1856

    Hallo Batfink and welcome. I can't tell you anything useful about the clock itself (if you could post some photographs, that would be good) but as far as Aaron Walter Bezant is concerned, I can tell you that he was listed in the Hereford Trades Directory for 1876/7 as trading at 5-6, Widemarsh...

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