1. R

    Platform escapement problem

    Good afternoon I am wondering what is causing the escarpment to "dance" ,it sort of goes slow slow quick quick slow. The movement seems generally to be in good condition. I don't yet know how I should adjust this type of platform escapement properly to put it into beat. Help with this would be...
  2. P

    Escapement error vs driving weight

    I'm trying to understand pendulums. I seem to be descending into a real rabbit hole. I'm worrying about the driving weight vs the pendulum period. I suppose I'm talking about "escapement error". (For reference, it's a 150 year-old "black forest shield clock", wooden frame, brass bushed...
  3. blackieray

    Function 20th c French Enigma enigma

    I have an Enigma pocket watch. I took it apart. I thought I was careful about taking photos as I went along, - evidently not careful enough. I've added photos to try to suss out what is what. I must add, I may have a part here that somehow ended up with the Enigma that doesn't belong. Based on...
  4. D

    Vienna Regulator running too fast - escapement and pendulum swing issue

    I recently purchased Biedermeier Vienna Regulator. The case is somehow beat-up, but the movement seemed to be working fine and running fine when purchasing. Eventually, I discovered that the clock runs erratically and for the most part, very fast. I inspected the movement, took it apart...
  5. Just in Time Clocks

    Ingraham parlor clock movement

    Good day everyone. I recently had a customer bring in an Ingraham parlor clock.. the Escape is worn and I am trying to find a replacement. The original is a 48 tooth that is is much bigger in diameter then the new ones. I am wondering if I can use the smaller 48 tooth as the replacement. Please...
  6. S

    Brocot Escapement Adjustment

    The clock I am currently working on has and exposed pin pallet escapement (Brocot?) with some sort of composite or garnet jewels. Both jewels came loose from the pallet body and I have cleaned up the old shellac and secured them with new shellac. I have adjusted them to the point where they...
  7. Ron751

    Seth Thomas escapement problem

    I have a ST Naval clock with a non working escapement. It is intact but won't run. Is there anyone out there who repairs platforms ? I wouldn't know what to replace it with.... 631295
  8. K

    Help Identifying this escapement?

    I'm more familiar with American pocket watches, but had to have this one when I saw it. (Lust at first sight?) It has become a massively intriguing riddle in itself for me. French or Swiss, recased (improperly), key wind, dual time, dual train, pare-chute, possibly dead beat seconds, and much...
  9. gulfcoastclockco

    Broken Anchor - good grief

    Working on a Seth Thomas #113 mechanism, has been brutalized historically. EW teeth were all sorts of bent out of shape, clock needed cleaning anyway. Fixed teeth, installed ew bushings on front and back. Thought would be wise to check escapement before cleaning/reassembly, thank goodness...
  10. D

    Escape Wheel Diameter

    What do you think is the optimum size/diameter for a 30 teeth EW. The escapement is a Graham Dead Beat). The clock has a seconds pendulum. I would like to make it as small as possible to make it efficient. Efficient as in i am trying to use the lowest driving weight possible. One issue with...
  11. D

    Gravity Escapement Escape wheel RPM

    Hello, I was studying double 3 legged gravity escapements. With a seconds pendulum does it take 6 seconds or 12 for an entire rotation of the escape wheel? I am not able to figure that out... Dandydude
  12. L

    Problem with 3 different clocks. Help needed.

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and clock's and have recently gained interest in antique clocks and have started collecting some. Unfortunately I have 3 clocks that stop working after a short while and I have no idea why. I've been trying to fix things my self, firstly to learn how to do it and...
  13. P

    help to identify an escapement

    Hi for all, Could one help me to identify the escapement on the photo? Thanks, Paulo
  14. doc_fields

    French carriage clock platform escapement hairsprings

    Does anyone know of a good source for hairsprings that can be used on french carriage clock escapement platforms? Thanks.......doc Post script: I bought a box of hairsprings sometime back from Timesavers, and didn't like them, so skip that suggestion! :wink:
  15. G

    Platform Escapement

    Any information the these Recta Watch company 13 jewel platform escapement would be appreciated. The numbers on them are BES-1A Backplate number is 174. I did a search and it seems Recta now make compasses but did make clocks, founded in 1897 Just...
  16. J

    Chelsea Clock Escapement Problem

    Hi Jeff, I just finished repairing a time only 24 hour dial Chelsea Navy clock. I had to replace and repivot the escape wheel. I found that the fourth wheel,which runs the sweep second hand, had too much end shake and occasionally touched the escape wheel teeth. This clock is designed with...
  17. LaBounty

    Suspension spring for Waterbury Open Escapement

    Hi Gary- If this clock has the rate adjuster on the front, and therefore the double chops for the suspension spring, then you can slow the clock down by opening up the lower chops a bit. This will allow the suspension spring to vibrate more between the chops, giving the pendulum more travel...
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