1. diveboy

    Watch Open GS LX310 Crystal

    Hi All, tried my usual crystal sources and have come up bust, any one got any LX310 crystals in their cabinets they are willing to part with ? Thanks in advance
  2. Cheekyscot


    My mum and dad are trying to find out a bit about a pocket watch that has been in the family for a number of years. There are lots of thing inscribed on the watch and case it says on the mechanism Elgin USA both on the back and watch face. It has a moon with a star above it. The casing face next...
  3. B

    Elgin M-56a Watch Oil Poster/Instructions

    Hello wonderful community, I’m not sure if this has been posted here before, but I’ve come across a bottle of Elgin M-56a watch oil manufactured in April of 1944 and, with it, came a poster that has instructions for use that I’ve posted with this for historical and research purposes. This oil...
  4. W

    Function Help identifying parts needed for an Elgin Grade 315.

    Howdy everyone! I recently fell in love with mechanical watches of all kinds. Because I’m a tinkerer by nature I had to get into watch repair. I purchased an Elgin off e-Bay. It wasn’t in particularly good condition and was a non runner. I got too excited while making the purchase and didn’t...
  5. M

    American Elgin 16s convertible question

    After completing a previous Elgin Veritas restoration, I've decided to move ahead with some of my other projects. Particularly this old girl: I actually had one of these sitting in a can for who knows how many years. It was missing that spring fork, so I bought this movement and another 7j...
  6. musicguy

    Anna L. Silveira San Francisco CA Research Thread (all watch companies)

    Anna L. Silveira San Francisco, CA Research Thread (all watch companies) .............Anna L. Silveira 1868-1931............ ...........Silveira Jewelry Palace.......... 76 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA USA Anna L. Silveira 1868 -1931 Born: Flores Island Portugal. an island of...
  7. M

    Watch Help Open Looking for Elgin 18s pallet arbor

    Looking to get my hands on a replacement Elgin arbor #1303 for an 18s Father Time serial 6592809. If you got partial movement grades 149, 150, 181, 252, 266, 277, 330, 334, 348, 349, 411 or you have a finished arbor that's intact or NOS, I'm interested. See attached pics. Thanks in advance!
  8. B

    South Bend Size 12 Grade 407 Hairspring Replacement

    Good evening everyone, Newbie here. Please go easy on me. I’m fairly new to the watch collecting and repair scene. I think we all know where this is going. Long story short, I have destroyed my South Bends Hairspring and am having some real trouble finding even a parts movement to replace it...
  9. William Christian

    Elgin 580

    Hello all, i am new to all this so please bare with me, I have a 1944 Elgin caliber 580, I am in search of a complete balance, not one on ebay and I'm not sure if I can use one for a caliber 554, 555 or 556, I am a hobbyist and self taught, i am far from a expert in the Horology field and plus...
  10. T

    Tech Sheet and Oiling Guide for Felsa 4000N

    Hello - as part of a watch class I'm taking, I have an Elgin wristwatch with a Felsa 4000N movement I'm servicing and I can't seem to find any technical sheets/oil guides anywhere. I did manage to find a parts specification diagram/breakdown but nothing else. The Elgin movement number is 813...
  11. Copperdragon3

    Pocket watch crystal

    I recently purchased a beautiful George Wheeler grade Elgin hunter case pocket watch off Etsy. It's an 1890, 17 jewel size 18 watch, but when it arrived I realized the crystal had bee replaced with a flimsy plastic one! It is so thin it popped out and won't stay in. I really like the watch...
  12. V

    Elgin 462 B.W.C.Co Wrist Watch

    Hey All! Just sharing a new addition to my collection, it's an Elgin wrist watch I picked up on FB marketplace at a bargain. From research on the Elgin database of the serial number, looks like the movement is a 1926 462 grade 3/0s size. The case is a Brooklyn Watch Case Co. Monarch gold...
  13. E

    Elgin Wrist Watch ID Help

    I'm new to the site and love this forum. I would appreciate help any additional information about my Elgin watch. I love the look but have found it difficult to find any details beyond the obvious. As you’ll see in the pictures, the dial is two-tone silver and blue with black tracks and...
  14. Tim Orr

    Waldorf Astoria Lobby Clock Mysteries

    Good afternoon, all! According to reports, yesterday, November 20, the restored Waldorf Astoria lobby clock was open for viewing: New-York Historical Society There's another story here (Courtesy of Greg Gould, Chapter 36, Kansas City): The Fantastic Clock In The Lobby Of New York City’s...
  15. musicguy

    Elgin National Watch Co. Threads with Research and other General Information

    Welcome to The Elgin National Watch Company threads with Research and other General Information Please also visit the NAWCC Forums Encyclopedia article about the Elgin National Watch Co. aka National Watch Company aka Elgin B. W. Raymond the first National Watch Company President Photo...
  16. musicguy

    Elgin 0 size fancy dial grade 205

    Here is a fancy dial circa 1898-99 0 size Elgin grade 205 from the first run. There were 4000 of this open face 0 size 19j grade made. I know it's missing a screw(and I have one on order) but other than that it's running like a top. As I always have a method to my madness this watch hit's a few...
  17. J

    American PW movement Winding/Setting Elgin Model 2 Set/Wind Mechanism

    This is a post about the Elgin Model 2 Set/Wind Mechanism. This is essentially a follow-up to Pallet Jewel Adjustment/Replacement . It was thought that, that thread, went too long and began to have too many topics covered, so this is a specific aspect of that subject. In particular there was...
  18. musicguy

    National American Railroad Pocket Watch Day April 18th

    I propose that our American Pocket Watch Forum creates a National Railroad Pocket Watch Day that would be on April 18th every year. This could give the people who are interested in Collecting Railroad Standard Watches or already own them a little more exposure. We could all wear one that day...
  19. musicguy

    Art Deco Elgin 12s 17j Enamel numbered bezel

    This is a recent purchase I made it's a 14K GF White Gold Art Deco design 1928 Elgin 12 size grade 479. I'm sure many of you have this one or the other similar octagon style cased one(if so please post them). Mine has the wrong crown, this one is just a tiny bit too big. If anyone has a better...
  20. musicguy

    Time is money Token

    Recently I was researching an 1899 Elgin private label 0 size "C. D. Peacock". One of the images that came up in my search was a Copper struck token(in the style of a Hard Times Token) from circa 1900 by Gorham Manufacturing Company (at the request of C.D. Peacock Jewelers of Chicago est 1837)...

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