e. howard

  1. W

    My second E. Howard “00” Street/Tower Clock Movement!

    I’m very excited to share my latest acquisition, but first want to provide a little background history. Four years ago, I acquired an E. Howard “00” street/tower clock movement via a trade with a fellow Chapter 24 member. I installed the movement onto a stand I had fabricated and displayed it in...
  2. bptanguay

    Donn Lathrop webpages

    I've noticed recently that the pages listing tower clock installs is missing. Homepages.sover.net is no longer available. I believe it was maintained by Donn Lathrop who recently passed. Is there some way or someone who has access to this info so it can be posted online once again? I saved some...
  3. Paul M

    "Warning" vs. "Arming"

    I'm creating a tower clock maintenance manual for the E. Howard Model 0 striking clock that I help to maintain and need clarity regarding the following: At 35 minutes after each hour, something releases within the clock mechanism causing the fly fan to rotate about one turn. I have always...
  4. Paul M

    E. Howard Clock Striking Issue

    Hello all! I’m a brand new NAWCC member and a novice in the field of horology ... but willing to learn! I’m part of a group that maintains our town’s 1906 Model 0 E. Howard tower clock. It was professionally refurbished about 9 months ago and has been keeping excellent time. Occasionally...

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