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  1. Jim Burghart

    Help identifying a 8 day wood works movement

    I have a wood works movemnet that I am trying to identify. I believe it is an 8 day. It is out of a large case 36X18X5 clock. It looks very much like an 8 day I have in a C & N Jerome clock. I know there is a bulletin that covers 8 day wood works, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know...
  2. E

    Longines 8 Day Reserve de Marche Car Clock?

    http://www.mindspring.com/~sellmeyourrolex/8DayA.JPG Is anyone familiar with this car clock? 15 jewel, adjusted to 3 positions, 7 digit serial number. The bottom register shows the time remaining on the 8 Day power reserve. The dial is about 50mm. Any comments? Thank you...
  3. Ingulphus

    Details & photos of some of my 400 day clocks

    As John Hubby requested, here's a link to some not-really-good photos of some of my clocks, and the pertinent details. The photos are at my Flickr site: The Clocks #1 is a K&O marked "The National Silver Co.," and "GERMANY", plus serial #13033; it's plate #1559 in the Book. The pendulum...
  4. Sooth

    ST 8 Day Column ID? (NEW PICS ADDED)

    Hi, I have an unusual 8 day lyre movement Seth Thomas (marked Plymouth Hollow), with a label that reads: Eight Day Brass Clocks Made and sold by Seth Thomas (overpasted) And James Brice Cincinnati Ohio It is just barely noticeable that the James Brice section is overpasted on top where it...
  5. A

    Happy Memorial Day

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone would stop for a moment and think about all the soldiers/sailors/airmen that gave their lives for this country and those on active duties now around the world. Has anyone acquired any interesting military...
  6. M

    400 Day Suspension Assembly Fixture

    I picked up one of these when I bought a bunch of tools. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a manual or could explain how to use it. Ethan
  7. G

    Measuring 400 Day Clock Suspension Springs

    Hello: I have a group of Horolovar unmarked/untagged suspension springs. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions or advice as to the best way to measure these. Length is obvious of course, and the book is great. Thickness and width? Is what I am speaking of. Many Thanks, Gary G
  8. Mike Phelan

    8 Day Mauthe Westminster Chimes

    Hi Jingle Here goes. The 'ports' are winding squares. From L to R, they are strike, going, chime respectively. You should have a key somewhere, but if it is missing, they are easily available - come back to us. You need to wind all three once a week fully, until the winding stops, but without...
  9. Andy Krietzer

    Elgin Model E49 400 day Anniversary Clock

    Hi again Poppie, This was answered in February. old ref::Click this link for your previous question. Andy
  10. C

    400 day clock

    where can one get the compresion spring that gives tension to the minute hand on 400 day clocks?
  11. J

    400 day clock base

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows of a supplier for 400 day clock bases. I seem to remember a catalog with bases in it, but cannot remember who it was. That was also quite a while ago. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  12. E

    Schatz 49 400 Day Anniversary Clock parts?

    Today I picked up a pretty nice Schatz 49 (dated 11 / 53) 400 day clock. It seems to be running fine, but it has two minor problems: the dome is cracked, and it didn't come with a key - I have to wind it with a socket. Does anyone know of a source for parts for my Schatz? Thanks in advance...
  13. Tom McIntyre

    December 19th - The Longest Day of the Year

    Having just gone through the shortest period of daylight in the year (in Boston), I got to thinking about the length of the Solar Day. I remembered from school that the length of the day from Solar noon to Solar noon varied during the year and searched google for an article on the subject. To...
  14. T

    8 day mechanical time and strike with alarm

    Hi Don, This question is a bit broad. Are you looking for instructions for operating the entire clock, or just the alarm portion? Regards, Tom Chaudoir Milwaukee, WI America 150429
  15. Jeff Hess

    "New" LeCoultre platinum 8 day

    Ok. I had this beauty in my hands a couple of weeks ago. Took the pics "on the fly" as I only had it in my trembling hands for a few minutes. They are sold out the rep from LeCoultre tells me, so I cannot be accused of shilling here. LOL. Man, this thing was ike 48 mm long. THe biggest and...
  16. S

    Happy Independence Day Everybody!

    :smile: Happy Independence Day Everybody! :smile: Um?..just to make sure this is horologically related, perhaps some will find it interesting that no horological patent has ever been issued on this date in the United States. Why? Because it's always been a holiday, and the patent office...
  17. T

    400 day clock repair

    Hi Donna; Any qualified clock repairperson worth their ilk can fix your 400 day clock for you. I am speculating here, but you will probably find that the suspension spring is twisted, or the clock is out of beat. It is a common misconception that a clock has stopped working due to...
  18. D

    400 day clock runs slow

    I have a Schatz 400 day clock, standard that I have replaced the suspension spring (complete) and adjusted the pendulum all the way up and the clock still runs very slow. When viewing the escapement wheel and pallet thru the rear holes, the escapement wheel doesn't "kick" as the pallet enters or...

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