1. G

    Help dating a wittnauer

    Hello all! Very new to watches and even newer to the forum! I was given this watch by my grandmother who passed away. I’d love to know when it was manufactured, if anyone can help! Thanks so much!
  2. __on_the_verge

    18th c 18th Century Dutch Longcase Clock

    So, recently I obtained this 18th century Dutch Longcase clock by Gerrit Ter Vooren, C. 1760. I am very excited as this kind of clock is very rare, but its rarity also poses some difficulty in finding information. It has complications for the moon phase, date and seconds. There is a ship...
  3. J

    Small Junghans alarm clock

    Hello clock experts, I’d like to know your opinion on the year/decade of manufacture of this small Junghans alarm clock. The dial is enamel and it’s fitted in the wooden frame. I took it out because it doesn’t work and I wanted to inspect it. It says “Junghans Wurtemberg A52. 23”stamped on the...
  4. J

    Gustav Becker mantel clock dating

    Hello, I bought this mantel clock made by Gustav Becker yesterday. I’m curious about what decade you would date it? It works fine with a beautiful sound of the strike. I’m attaching pictures. Hope you’ll find them satisfactory. There isn’t any serial number on the back plate as far as I can...
  5. J

    HAC mantel clock dating

    Hello fellow clock enthusiasts, I’d like to know your opinion on this HAC mantel clock I recently acquired. The numbers on the backplate in the upper right corner read: 156/40 140 4 28 Is my guess that it was manufactured in April 1928 correct? Overall I am very pleased with it, it...
  6. J

    Dating a Mauthe wall clock

    Hello fellow clock enthusiasts, I am thinking of acquiring a Mauthe wall clock and I'd like to know your estimates for when it was made, please? I only have this picture which doesn't say much except for the general style of the box, dial and hands and the Mauthe logo visible on the dial -...
  7. J

    LFS mantel clock dating

    Hello, I've been collecting old clocks since last summer and I fell in love with mantel clocks, they look so elegant. I was lucky to come across this LFS mantel clock that had been standing still in a cellar for a long time and I'm wondering what decade/year it was manufactured? Let me know...
  8. J

    Junghans W278 52 6 mantle clock

    Hello fellow clock enthusiasts, I'm newly registered here but I've been reading posts from this great site for a couple of months now. I became really interested in antique mechanical clocks last year and since then I've bought a couple of them, second-hand. It would be great to know...
  9. MikeBarnett

    Gruen Caliber-Date Table... 2017 Version....

    Tick-tock goes 2017... it's almost past us. But before it goes, I would like to get this latest and great version of the Gruen Caliber-Date table out to everyone. It's been at least 6 years since the last major update. It's a rather simple table with the Caliber number, movement Quality...
  10. M

    Charles Frodsham Paris Clock - help dating, please.

    Hello, I would really appreciate some help in dating a porcelain mantel clock. The dial says "Chas.Frodsham, Paris" and the movement is marked "Chas. Frodsham", "DZ" and "624" at the back (under the bell). I will try to post photos, but I'm not sure if I can remember how to.....:smile...
  11. C

    Need help dating an S.T. Banjo clock

    I just picked up a decent Seth Thomas banjo clock, but I can't find out when it was made. The movement is a time only movement and the dial is painted. The glass panels contain an eagle with vines/urns above and the base panel has an oval wreath of oak leaves and acorns set on orange. The...
  12. P

    Dating Ingersoll PW's

    You guys are so good I want to try the next question. Any idea as to the date of manufacture of the following Ingersolls? Ingersoll Waterbury, Model 1241; Ingersoll Yankee "Radiolite" #7123340. Last patent date, Nov 14, '22. Ingersol Eclipse "Radiolite" #52412554. Last patent date, July 2, '18...
  13. R

    Dating a Watch?

    I have recently acquired a very unique and interesting Sterling Silver Watch. The problem I am having is dating it. The dial reads QUINN and below six on the dial GERMANY. The movement is also signed Quinn, Germany. Now from my research I know Germany was officially divided in 1949 but the...
  14. terry hall

    hamilton pocket watch dating discrepancy

    Hi, By a serial number list I have, the number listed dates to 1926-1927. This is a list that was compiled by an unknown author. I am trying to find out more information on the List I have. It gives the dates and the grades to the year 1954.

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