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cuckoo clock

  1. Guido_Fe

    Cuckoo Cuckoo door not fully opening

    Hello, I'm trying to fix an old cuckoo clock (just time and cuckoo weights). It works perfectly, except for the cuckoo door that opens only at 45°, not 90°. It closes without problems. I found some info in this old thread, but without pictures I don't understand what wire they were referring to...
  2. C

    Anton Schneider Musical Clock

    This clock was something I inherited. The original owner bought it in Germany. After we became he acquainted, he basically adopted me as his daughter and told me for many year “this clock is yours when I go”. Well, brain cancer took him too early, and now I can’t find any more information about...
  3. G

    Cuckoo Faller Cuckoo Clock …maybe?

    ID help please, Wise One’s.…….Like a good beginner learner, I fell upon this wreck which cost me £20, with the aim of ‘having a go’ at repair and not damaging anything of value . I am surprised though to find no markings on the movement and the chalet case has proven difficult to find anything...
  4. M

    My New Find

    I've just got to share my bargain! I just picked up a Regula Cuckoo Clock in almost perfect condition. It just needs a new minute hand because the original one is about to break. I haven't seen one quite like this one before... and the price? AU$ 50 (around USD 37 at today's exchange rate!)...
  5. J

    Regula 25, 1 day, mystery identification

    I am restoring a cuckoo clock that is stamped Regula on the back plate but no alphabet date. This clock has the star wheel inside the two plates not outside like most pictures I find online. Can anyone identify this clock. I have attached pictures. My problem is finding replacements for the...
  6. M

    For all you Hercule Poirot need some help ID this clock is it a Beha clock??

    Dear all can anyone help me ID this double Fusee clock I was given? any help would be great no paperwork at all cheers Bryan
  7. A

    Cuckoo Cuckoo clock rebuild

    Hello everybody, Im new to this forum and am looking for some advice on a cuckoo clock that I recently rebuilt. I really don't have any information about it, All I know is that It was In my grandmother and grandfathers house before It was put away for about fifteen years before It was given to...
  8. E

    Cuckoo Going Cuckoo- Can anybody tell me a bit about this newly inherited clock

    Hi, I’ve recently inherited this cuckoo clock, I believe it’s been in my grandmothers family for about 60-80 years. I’d just like to learn more about it if I can, my husband loved it as a boy and now my son squeals with delight when we operate it. I literally don’t know anything about the...
  9. W

    Cuckoo Cuckoo

    My cuckoo only cuckoos once each hour, any ideas how to fix it
  10. Teckelhut

    Cuckoo Unusual Cuckoo Clock

    Just picked this up at an estate sale for $5. Has a Regula 25 movement in it. Absolutely no marking on it as to who or where it was made. Based on the funny hands, weights and pendulum I'm thinking its a frankenstein clock (meaning something some just threw together with spare parts). But maybe...
  11. R

    Cuckoo Hanging cuckoo clock in high rise apartment?

    Hey folks, I’m a bit of an amateur clock collector who has come across a new cuckoo clock that I would like to have on the wall of my 23rd floor apartment. As you can guess, this building does not make use of wooden studs. My stud finder still tells me where studs are, but I only find sheet...
  12. A

    Cuckoo Cuckoo part needed- 7&3/4” pendulum

    Anyone know a good reasonable establishment to get a pendulum for a cuckoo from? It’s a regula 34 movement.
  13. Globalmike

    Cuckoo Cuckoo Looses track

    I have two Cuckoo clocks, one if the weight for the bird hits the ground it get off synced from the time of day. At the hour it might just chime once and at the half hour it will do whatever chime that is got off at after you wind it. The second one works fine, when the cuckoo weight hits the...
  14. A

    Cuckoo Cuckoo Clock wont work - binding

    I have a cuckoo clock with a Regula 34 8 day movement. The weights arent working to keep the clock moving. I removed the movement and it seems REALLY tight. It hasnt run in probably over 25 years, just hanging on the wall. Need to get a pendulum as well as it seems to have disappeared. Is...
  15. AlexanderDelarge

    Music Box Ratchet Wheel Stripped? (Anton Schneider 8TMT 1070/9)

    Hello I bought one of these last month on Craigslist. 8TMT 1071/9 - Anton Schneider Soehne. My clock (8TMT 1070/9) is a slight variation of the Anton Schneider Masterpiece shown. The only difference is mine does not have the man chopping wood. Mine is a likely an older model. After a little...
  16. Globalmike

    Cuckoo Cuckoo syncing goes off Regularly

    My restoration is complete, well I thought until the weights hit the ground. Then when I wind it up the chime and cuckoo our out of sync with the hands. If the cuckoo and chime weight hits the floor and the clock is still running it throws the whole syncing off and I have to move the hour hand...
  17. C

    Cuckoo Cuckoo clock : help with Regula 25 movement

    Hello, I'm Chris from the UK. I'm planning to construct my own cuckoo clock but have very little experience. Let's call it a lockdown project! Anyhow, I purchased a Regula 25 movement which came with an exploded view of the parts but no guide on how to set it up! I've set up a crude testing rig...
  18. D

    Re assembly Regula 25

    After quite a while following this great forum and looking through many posts, I need to ask a question and I hope someone may be able to help me. I started to repair a cuckoo clock I got from a local flea market here in Germany and was quite successful getting back to work as for the clock...
  19. E

    Made In Germany Bachmaier & Klemmer Cuckoo Clock

    Hello All, Recently we found an old cuckoo clock in a relativities basement. We think it was brought back by a relative that was stationed in Germany in WWII. If anyone knows more information, or more accurate information, please let me know. Its a bit of a mystery as my living relativities...
  20. S

    Cuckoo First Cuckoo Clock - Any help with Identification?

    Always wanted a Cuckoo Clock. Got this small Hunter style cuckoo clock from an estate sale. There was no outer case label or markings. Information from the movement is as follows, and shown in attached pictures. Upper Right: Synt. Oil Clock 859 Center: G.M. 1884288 1692176 A25-86...

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