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  1. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Lots of clocks to identify! PART 2

    I am having trouble ID'ing these clocks. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 7. Small unbranded 'tin can' alarm clock. Bevelled glass. Note: Missing the entire alarm winding shaft, so any info about its replacement would be very helpful! 8. Gordian Hettich Sohn cuckoo clock with...
  2. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Lots of clocks to identify! PART 1

    I am having trouble ID'ing these clocks. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Pictures included. 1. Time-only movement stamped '1 41667'. American? 2. Unbranded peg-leg alarm clock. 4in dial. German? 1915? 3. Unbranded mini onyx clock. Germany with fancy movement. 4in tall 4...
  3. J

    Clock Seeking Platform Escapement for Smiths KA18735 Military Clock

    Seeking Platform Escapement ETD for Smiths KA18735 Military Clock with ASTRAL movement.See photographs. Movement runs and stops. Balance wheel seems a bit wobbly. Any other parts for this clock will be considered
  4. Bryan Prindle

    Cold weather and Clocks?

    So, How fast will these clocks run with this cold weather? I figure if the temperature drops another 20 or 30 degrees I could launch this clock off an aircraft carrier! :eek: The minute hand is about to spin off the face! Slow down! Bryan
  5. Jeff Salmon

    Any info on clocks by John Breese (British) Maker

    I would like to know if anyone has any further reference to John Breese, recorded in Baillie and Loomes as working in London 1839-1851 and Wisbeach 1830. Any info appreciated.
  6. S

    What a big problem having too many clocks!!!

    Hi all. I am pretty new to this board and I have to tell you I was very impressed seeing the pic from the vast collection of Phil and started to think(YES to think). I am sure that most of you guys have a rich collection of clocks as well. Now I was wondering, when you have so many clocks...
  7. C

    Leave My Clocks Alone! ALSO HAC MOVEMENT HELP!

    OK, I'm just using this as a little anger managment, a chance for everyone to have a little rant about other people who may interfear with your precious clocks! I have two brothers and my Mum, they are constanting stopping my clocks which really really annoys me. I don't want people messing...
  8. J

    Gubelin Clocks

    I have a mantel pendulum clock with "Gubelin Lucern" on the face. Stamped on the back brass plate are the following 170, EA, and inclosed in an oval "AGUL R5". Any information about this clock or where I can obtain a history of the Gubelin Clock Company will be appreceiated. Thank you ...
  9. Ingulphus

    Details & photos of some of my 400 day clocks

    As John Hubby requested, here's a link to some not-really-good photos of some of my clocks, and the pertinent details. The photos are at my Flickr site: The Clocks #1 is a K&O marked "The National Silver Co.," and "GERMANY", plus serial #13033; it's plate #1559 in the Book. The pendulum...
  10. Kevin W.

    Forestville clocks

    Am i correct in thinking Forestville clocks are Canadian made.I know that the clock may or had been assembled here and movements are German made.I have one that has a Hermle in it and another one a mantle has a unmarked movement i think German made also. :smile:
  11. G

    Pre 1790 Austrian clocks

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can obtain information about pre 1790 Austrian clocks. Wondering which if any text may cover this early period. Many thanks
  12. DC Kelley

    Suspension springs, Kundo impulse clocks

    How do I size the suspension spring for an early 1960's Kundo electric impulse clock? I have recently obtained two of these, one with the 6-jewel movement, one with the later (cheaper) no jewel movement and both need new springs One is torn, producing tremendous lateral movements in the...
  13. J

    My 90 year old father has repaired nearly 18,000 clocks

    I've begun trying to help my dad who has been a memeber of NAWCC for many years. He has a two year back log for repairs at his shop in Rocky River, Ohio and he is slowing down. He can't find people to help him and he is less capable of training people now so it may be time to call it a day. I...
  14. S

    Collecting Old GE Telechron Clocks

    Does anyone have an opinon if these old clocks 30's to 40's have any value and are worth collecting? I am thinking about starting a collection of mantle clocks from GE/Telechron from the 30s and 40s. Thanks
  15. 1

    wooden peg-gear clocks

    Anyone have any experience with peg-gears rather than conventional wooden clock gears. Are the easier to work with? Are they fully functional?
  16. cucoclock

    Morez clocks

    Hello everyone, Today I have visited this web about Morez Clocks. http://www.antique-horology.org/Comtoise/default.htm It's really interesting and has a lot of information about Morez Clocks. This is a nice Morez Clock. Don't you think? Kind regards, Miguel :smile:
  17. P

    eagle statue on banjo clocks

    I received my Seesions miniature banjo clock (about 23 inches from top to bottom). While opening up the wrappings, I got too excited, and pulled out the clock before the wrappings were undone. And the end result was that I broke the little eagle statue on top of my clock. I have 2 questions...
  18. C

    Photos Of Luman Watson Hollow Column Clocks

    I would like to ask any members who own a Watson Hollow Column Clock if they would please send me photos of their clocks. If I use any of them for my research I will give you full credet for the photos. Thank you. gordon W.
  19. harold bain

    Charles Cooper Clocks

    Hi, Scott, welcome to the message board. I checked in Spittler and Bailey's American Clocks and could find nothing on your maker to indicate he was making clocks in the 1700's. Perhaps the historical society is out by 100 years. Charles is the only Cooper listed for Lebanon, with dates of...
  20. J

    Ok. so what do you think of these clocks?

    http://i10.ebayimg.com/01/i/05/65/de/fd_12.JPG http://www.ssb3.net/members/watch/enlarge.php?aid=4scoo...g=10445/pb040017.jpg

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