1. G

    Asian Clock Trade Marks

    Hello all I wonder if any one knows of a text that is specialised in Asian trade marks. Regards Glenn
  2. M

    Clock Jewels

    Does anyone know where I might find or have made clock jewels for a clock I am building? Thank you.
  3. shutterbug

    Novelty Cuckoo Clock

    I got this silly thing, and haven't a clue how it works. Can anyone furnish a picture of the back side? I have this star wheel, and a wire hanging from the bellows that must interact with it for the first note, then another wire with a bend that furnishes the last half of the sound based on a...
  4. C

    Luman Watson Hollow Column Clock Photo

    While seeking information and photos of other Luman Watson Hollow Column Clocks that may be in other collections, I have been asked to post a photo of this rare 30 hr. wooden works clock. My photo shows the unrestored clock so please note that the pendulun bob and minute hand are not original...
  5. C

    Self Winding Clock

    Would anyone out there have a Model 41 Self Winding Clock Case?? I need the dimensions of the bottom of the case so I can make one for my case. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. JST

    Prescott Mantel Clock

    I purchased this Sessions “Prescott” mantel clock a few months ago at auction for less that $20. The only thing that seems to be missing is the bezel glass which I’ve ordered from Timesavers. Much to my surprise the clock started working as soon as I swung the pendulum. Of course, that...
  7. T

    cuckoo clock question

    I have an antique cuckoo clock that was just professionally repaired a month ago, though it continues to have problems cuckooing. It is a 1 day clock made around 1908. For the first few hours, the clock cuckoos as it should. After about three hours, rather than cuckoo 10 times at 10 o'clock...
  8. leeinv66

    Waterbury 30 hour shelf clock

    Hi all, yep, I have gone and done it again. I just purchased this Waterbury clock The reverse painting of a Galah (Australian native parrot) on this one sucked me in. I thought I had best bring him home :smile: Any thoughs on age? I am thinking later 1800s, early 1900s. Please see the links...
  9. Robert Ling

    American Wringer Co label on New Haven clock ?

    I have a New Haven Wall clock with a label on it's back from the American Wringer Co NY. It gives their address and says the clock was made especially for them. The American Wringer Co. made Rubber Wringers to squeeze the water out of clothes by hand on a crank. The same way you would start...
  10. S

    Grandfather clock stopping

    Hello. This is my first post. I must say this is a very impressive forum. I am a novice with a small clock collection, and I need some help. I bought a used grandfather clock. It runs for a few hours to a few days before stopping. Sometimes the ticking sound is very quiet for a few seconds...
  11. C

    are the hands of this clock original..and anythin else look odd? ive never seen a japanse clock with extended hour hand...does this look right? (i think im overreacting here!!) anything else look suspicious while we are here. (particularly the finish?)
  12. C

    IBM Master clock

    Can anyone tell me anything about an IBM Model 90-9 . It looks like some kind of master clock. Has what looks like a mechanical Seth Thomas balance wheel movement and a slave movement as well. If you need pictures I can send them to your email address. or email me at Thanks
  13. C

    Pictures of Erastus Hodges Clock

    I hope this is going to work. Let me know if the pictures are not there. If they are, hopefully, they will help with glean more information about its history. Chill's home page Edited to change the link to a url link to Chill's home page
  14. R

    cuckoo clock parts

    :confused: hi;; is there any where on line,that would tell me the parts on the parts on the front plate of the cuckoo movement, i know that the snail in on the hour hand tube,and the gathering pin. but need to know the corrrect name of the rest of the parts, this way then i can ask about an...
  15. W

    Schmid Schlenker Mantel Clock w/ Music Box

    I have a Schmid Schlenker mantel clock (it has the mark SSS in an oval which I understand means Schmid Schlenker was the manufacturer). My parents bought it in Switzerland in the late 1950's. It is gold, with a glass cover and a beautiful sunburst pendulum. I have taken it to several local...
  16. A

    aikosha wall clock does not chime

    I have a aikosha clock that chimed but now does not any ideas?
  17. Scottie-TX

    Colonial Zeeland grandfather clock Chimes

    Until your OFFICIAL answer arrives, generally the chime selection lever is on the right side of the dial protruding thru it. If it is not there - I don't know if you're comfortable with removing the movement - as you look inside the right side ( right, facing it ) if there's a window in the...
  18. J

    Single Fusee 'World Time' clock 1856

    Hallo Batfink and welcome. I can't tell you anything useful about the clock itself (if you could post some photographs, that would be good) but as far as Aaron Walter Bezant is concerned, I can tell you that he was listed in the Hereford Trades Directory for 1876/7 as trading at 5-6, Widemarsh...
  19. B

    "Made in Germany" Westminster shelf clock

    G'day! I am new to these boards and new to clock collecting. I've been browsing around the board today and I have to say I am impressed with how you all interact with each other and the amount of info you have, and the vibe is really positive which is so hard to find online these days...
  20. R

    Another Colonial Tall Clock

    I tried all the postings I could find and have not been able to identify a clock that I recently bought. Any help is appreciated. The back has the number 1370 stenciled in the upper right side. Below that toward the middle is 12 10 2 I think in chalk? The Winterhalder works is 8222. It has five...
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