1. D

    Ansonia Steeple Clock

    I'm curious about when this Ansonia Steeple Clock might have been made. Its a 30 hour pinned movement, the label address is Ansonia Clock Co. Ansonia, Conn. It has what appears to be a Civil War theme on the glass, Drum, crossed cannons, and cannon balls, a soldier on each side, crossed flags on...
  2. 1

    Cuckcoo Clock Repair Information sites

    Are there any excellent sites for Cuckcoo Clock Repair and Restoration?
  3. bangster

    Paper Clock??

    I just acquired me a "paper clock" book off eBay. Cut out the parts, assemble them per instructions, and have an actual working clock made entirely out of paper. I yam wondering: has anybody on this MB ever constructed, or attempted to construct, one of these things? If so, I'd like much to...
  4. W

    United electric clock not working

    I have a United Hula dancer electric clock that is not working. Light comes on but seconds hand or hula dancer does not move. What is a good first step to determine what might be wrong with this? Thanks for any help with this.
  5. E

    Help ID / Research E. Howard Co. Slave Clock

    I am trying to locate information about a clock that is in my family's possession for many years and I was directed to contact the NAWCC. Here is a picture: I also have a web site that provides various additional larger pictures...
  6. J

    George Mitchell Clock

    I just acquired a George Mitchell wood works clock and need any info I can get. Who was he, when did he make clocks, where did he work ,etc? Thanks in advance for your help, John Key NAWCC #136299
  7. 1

    popularity of Quartz Grandfather clock movements?

    In this day of people looking for the cheapest stuff available are those quartz grandfather clocks gainning popularity. I have seen them in catalogues and they come with 2 in speakers for sound. Does anyone know how they sound? Is this the way of the future? I also see a lot of Korean and...
  8. M

    What clock make,type is desired/needed for your collection?

    Hello. I am CURIOUS. Which clock(s)do you need/desire for your collection to be completed? Whetever/whichever . I say even if you have 100 or have just started . Go ahead, this time do not read and cast off this post. EVERYONE , say something ,answer with at least one response. Let us see how...
  9. bangster

    New Haven Kitchen Clock

    Just picked up this New Haven kitchen clock, and I'd like to find out as much about it as I can. To start with, how do New Haven clocks rank in the pantheon of American clocks? Compared, say, to Seth Thomas or Ansonia or whoever. As you can see, it's been stripped of its...
  10. G

    Ingersoll Jumbo Clock

    I just bought an Ingersoll Jumbo clock which resembles a large pocket watch. Are these rare? Thanks for any info. GD1
  11. D

    w.a.schmid schlenker clock

    Has any one ever heard of this brand of German clock. if so do you know where to get parts. I need a new suspension spring Thank you
  12. A

    Need photo of NH clock

    Does anyone have a New Haven regulator "Vamoose" as pictured in Tran's NH book on page 137, pix # 523? I need photos of the top pieces and the lower finial and if possible a few dimensions to help with a restoration. Thanks Anzer
  13. bangster

    What about this weight-driven clock?

    I'd like to get all the info I can on this clock: age, manufacturer, style, and all that. Never worked on one like this before, so it's gonna be an Adventure. On the back plate it has R E M E R as the top arc of a circle. Possible other characters that didn't get stamped. The...
  14. D

    KUNDO, glass dome clock

    I received my fathers prize clock and Its not working, something about the fine steel thread that supports the four ball pendulum, Its twisted. Dose anyone know where I mit be able to procure a new one. Thanks for any help on this matter
  15. 1

    Hermle granfather clock movement chimes won't function

    Took apart cleaned it, time train works, but none of the chime trains work. The flys will spine when forced but maybe it is locked somehow. The hammers can move. It is very frustrating. I think I put everything back right, took photos and everything, but maybe I slipped up somewhere.
  16. E

    Ansonia clock inquiry

    ok, I figured out the photo procedure.. If anyone has info for us on this beautiful clock, please let us know.
  17. 1

    Henry De Vick Clock Creations

    Does anyone know of any good sites or books with information of the creations of Henry De Vick?
  18. harold bain

    Kienzle granddaughter clock

    I am working on a very unusual little clock (about 5 feet tall). It has a presentation plaque that dates it to 1936. It is a Westminister chime. It runs on 3 volts DC. The chime and strike are on one train, with the first 4 steps of the rack each doing 4 notes of the chime, and the strike only...
  19. B

    Identifyiing a clock

    I;ve got a normal looking count-wheel mantle clock...but I can't identify the maker. The mark on the back plate (which has a screw right through the name) looks like it says: F KRULBER....or maybe F KROLBER. out of New york city. Is anyone familiar with this maker?
  20. E

    Nesslac,"Germany" movement, United Elec. Clock

    Nice small clock three hammers. Will run but no strike. Looks as if something is missing. Was there supposed to be clutch between the two cup wheels?
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