1. T

    First clock! And lots of questions already!

    I unpacked and set up my first antique clock yesterday, a 1906 Seth Thomas "Manchester" Admantine black clock, with copper columns and lions 89C movement, and it's looking beautiful! This one is running a bit fast (about 5-6 minutes/day) and I will try to regulate from the dial adjustment. The...
  2. P

    My first Lenzkirch wall clock

    This, I hope is a photo that I tried to to add to my first posting.
  3. M

    Help identifying Ansonia Royal Bonn clock

    Hi all, I'm new to this group. Hope you can help. I'm in a bit of a quandary. I inherited my grandmother's Ansonia Royal Bonn clock. I'm puzzled since the number and model on the back (#2993, La France) do not match any picture I've seen in any book or on line, nor have I seen a clock with...
  4. K

    Sessions mantel clock

    I have a sessions mantel clock that has been taken apart and cleaned. Pictures were taken during the take apart procedure. The clock is back together but the strike system is not working right. How do I go about setting up the strike system to work correct.
  5. T

    French Clock?

    I have the following clock which might be french. No markings on it. May have had a globe over it because it sits on a wooden base. Very heavy, may be soapstone, marble, not sure. Any help would be great for an age and type.
  6. P

    Antique Grandfather Clock

    I am looking for information, any and all, that I can find on a Grandfather clock. The following information is all that I can find on the clock and it is ztamped on the works: Leonh Kranzter Zurich and the numbers 10 5 28 16 188 60 Schw. Any info that you can provide will greatly appreciated.
  7. J


    I just purchased a weight driven clock. The style is ogee. Being new to buying clocks can anyone tell me where the name ogee came from? Thanks in advance for your replys. Joe.
  8. E

    Longines 8 Day Reserve de Marche Car Clock? Is anyone familiar with this car clock? 15 jewel, adjusted to 3 positions, 7 digit serial number. The bottom register shows the time remaining on the 8 Day power reserve. The dial is about 50mm. Any comments? Thank you...
  9. R

    New Haven Chiming clock

    I am working on a round New Haven Chiming clock with movement in it as pictured on pg 383 in Trans book on New Haven clocks. The strike mainspring needs to be replaced. It has obviously already been shortened maybe by only an inch but non the less shortened. If only an inch I am not concerned...
  10. G

    Small Problem with Flip Clock

    Hello. I managed to pick up a great little clock on the weekend. It seems to be keeping great time. But does have one issue as it comes round to the top of the hour, the hours numbers drop down one minute before the top of the hour...
  11. P

    Grandfather clock not chiming.

    Hi. I was recently given a grandfather clock that a woman just wanted out of her house. She said it didn't work. I brought it home, with a little tinkering, I got it to run. It keeps perfect time, eventhough the center weight seems to fall pretty fast. (top to bottom in 4 days). My problem is...
  12. R

    Clock face identification

    I would appreciate any assitance in identifing this style of clock face. Thanks.
  13. Jeremy Woodoff

    Tiffany Carriage Clock Glass Question

    Is there anything in the sides, or are they open? I have seen carriage clocks with enamel panels in the sides, but I don't remember how they were attached--possibly without grooves. Jeremy
  14. B

    Tall Case Clock Maker?

    I'm looking at a Tall Case Clock that is signed on the dial whatlooks to be Thos Heywood of Bangor. I can't seem to find any information on this maker. Can anyone help me? I have pics I can email. Don
  15. J

    Semca double dial clock

    I need the winding pinion (Ebauche #411) for a 19 ligne, caliber 245, double dial, stem wind clock movement by Imhof. Obviously I'm having trouble locating one. Does anyone have any suiggestions?
  16. M

    E. Ingraham Wall Clock

    Here is an E.Ingraham wall clock. The movement is marked Oct 8 1878 and Nov 11 1879. It has an 8 day movement, galvanized dial and paint is flaking off of it. Case has an inlaid wood, making it two tone. Case looks to be made of oak and is 28 inches long, 17 wide. The dial is 12 inches wide...
  17. dchase123

    Kundo electronic clock

    Hi I have a Kundo electronic clock that is in working order however, it does not keep time. Every time I adjust it, I find the time keeping gets worse. It is either way to slow or way to fast. I have leveled it countless times and have adjusted the pendulum weight in both directions ( + to - )...
  18. G

    Seth Thomas #2 Regulator Clock Help (WARNING! LOTS of questions ahead!)

    Greetings All, I bought a Seth Thomas #2 regulator at an auction that is in good shape but appears to need a little work to get it to great shape. If it's not too much trouble, I have a bunch of questions that I need help on. Here is a picture of clock:
  19. harold bain

    Any place to get Original clock label???

    Don, I think you may need a time machine to find an original label that is not attached to an original clock :wink: Harold
  20. Andy Krietzer

    Indiana Silversmiths, Clock Makers, and Watchmakers 1779-1900

    Here is a book some of you might find interesting. It deals with Silversmiths mainly, but also clock and watch makers located in Indiana from 1779 to 1900. It is mostly a list and doesn't go into very deep detail on many of them though. There are a lot of illustrations but they mostly deal...
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