1. chimeclockfan

    Jacques hall clock chime

    Does anyone know what the 13 tube chime used by Jacques clock co. was correctly called? Or maybe even a sequence for the chime,perhaps? It sounds very interesting. EDIT: I found out what it's called.It is called "the Carrilon" but I have no clue what it sounds like. :confused:
  2. J

    pickering tall case phila clock

    i inherited a tall case clock with with little info except it has joseph pickering and philadelphia on the face. i tried researching it at the phila public library but came up with little more than it is c.1820 any firther info would be appreciated.
  3. H

    Electric Advertising Clock

    I was given a Bulova store advertising clock. Very large with a small electric motor. The clock works fine but I have a question regarding the built in neon light. The clock has a 24" neon tube lighting the clock from the bottom. I replaced the tube and found that the tube is only bright on the...
  4. M

    Charles Frodsham Paris Clock - help dating, please.

    Hello, I would really appreciate some help in dating a porcelain mantel clock. The dial says "Chas.Frodsham, Paris" and the movement is marked "Chas. Frodsham", "DZ" and "624" at the back (under the bell). I will try to post photos, but I'm not sure if I can remember how to.....:smile...
  5. M

    Clock smashing video...different one . SICK

    Clock SmashingThere was one of these posted awhile ago whereas a young man is smashing a Grandfather clock :redface: in his (I assume) his parents home. This one was/is different but all in all still.. :mad:..SICK. Pardon my opinion it is his clock or at least it is in his possession at time...
  6. P

    Herschede Floor Clock

    Can anyone help me Identify the year of a clock? The clock is a Herschede Hall Clock. It has 4 chimes and the face has the full moon feature. I have checked all the web sites but none list the serial number 42170. I do know the chimes themselves came from Germany and the pendulum has a wood...
  7. W

    Dutch Clock (stoelklok?) ID

    A friend of mine inherited this clock from his Grandfather, and has asked me to help obtain information on it. He had been told it was Dutch from the 16th Century, and it was a very highly valued family piece. Anyone out there that can tell us the age and style of this clock or other...
  8. K

    Enfield Mantle Clock problem

    Hello, I've seen some advice on this forum about problems with Enfield mantle clocks and wonder if someone could help me with mine... I've just inherited an Enfield mantle clock which chimes, is from about 1930 in an Art Deco style and I've been quoted more than it's worth to have it re-hauled...
  9. B

    Looking for someone to repair my 1910 Wlatham carrage clock for reasonable price

    I replaced a broken banking screw but the clock still only runs for a short time. It seems to run longer if I lay it flat, but even then it slows to a stop. Any one out there willing to take on my charity case? :confused:
  10. B

    Ansonia Australia Shelf Clock Parts

    Can someone help me locate a source for the following parts for my Antique Ansonia Australia shelf clock? A suspension spring and complete pendulum. Thank you
  11. D

    Pendulum for clock

    I just bought a clock with an 8" metal enameled face that has a round can covering a 2 3/8" round movement made by Mauthe. Trouble is no pendulum,does any one know the correct lenght and weight for a clock like this? I have tried several different ones but can't get more than a few minutes...
  12. P

    Previous Info on Grandfather Clock ID Request.

    First message was posted August 6, 2006 at 12:03 and a second message was posted today with 6 pictures. Additionally I am answering some helpful hints questions: it is a tall floor clock with spring powered weights that strikes on the hour and half hour, there are 2 winding holes. Any info...
  13. J

    Need help Gustav Becker clock information

    These are two photos of the back of my GB clock. I'm looking for age and significance information. Thanks, joeZy
  14. E

    Pastman clock repair

    Hello, I recently purchased a postman clock at an auction and as I have never worked on this style clock before I am looking for your assistance. I am used to working on clocks with brass plates and as such opening the clock is quite straight forward, but in this case the "plates" are made of...
  15. Arthur Cagle

    Help ID Clock, Please

    I just started to work on this clock that I picked up in a batch of project clocks a while back. The trademark on the works is the Waterbury mark with the words "FabrikMarke" in a band encircling the trademark, and with a "belt" at the bottom. The mark would not photograph clearly. The serial...
  16. P

    IBM UK Master clock 25-7 serial 17656

    Can anyone date this clock. It had been in continues use in a Victorian building where I worked until the building was vacated and the clock given to me.
  17. C

    SOMEBODY RESCUE THIS CLOCK ebay. every now and then i search clock parts to see if there is any good bargains or clocks that are normally out of my budget but, due to non working condition, would fall in the category of "in budget"...
  18. doc_fields

    French carriage clock platform escapement hairsprings

    Does anyone know of a good source for hairsprings that can be used on french carriage clock escapement platforms? Thanks.......doc Post script: I bought a box of hairsprings sometime back from Timesavers, and didn't like them, so skip that suggestion! :wink:
  19. C

    Junghans Westminster Bracket Clock

    Hey all! This is my first bracket clock. It's a Junghans. Movement is stamped 'JUNGHANS I' in a the star. 'B20' underneath that star. On bottom right backplate it says '140'. I've just extensively fully serviced the clock and now it's actually working! I'm very proud, I do however need to get...
  20. shutterbug

    Help with clock ID

    I've had this clock for quite some time and wonder if anyone can help me ID it. The dial has been replaced with a generic paper dial, but the case and movement seem to belong to each other. The only marks on the movement consist of an "R" on the top and "5" on the bottom. It's a 30 hour T/S...
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