1. S

    E. Ingraham clock

    Ive had this clock for a while now and decided I wanted to find out more about it. I was able to trace the serial number on the movement to March of 1905. Unfortunately, the instructions on the back are in taters, namely the area denoting the model. It looks very similar to the "Rose" model and...
  2. chimeclockfan

    Clock Meets Thermometer: The Springfield Thermoclock.

    Here is a strange little piece that holds some relevance to horology. It is a "Thermoclock". What is a Thermoclock you may wonder? It was simply a small desktop thermometer designed to resemble a Gothic upright mantel clock. Popular during the 1930's along with other neo-Gothic fare, these were...
  3. C

    History and Value of Antique British United Clock Co. Clock If Possible

    I recently purchased this mantel clock and would love to learn about it. The patent number is 2. No damage other than the two small chips on the clock face. I know the company operated from 1885-1905, but what is unique is that the American flag only features 20 stars, which only existed...
  4. J

    A few new additions...

    Just thought I'd share a few new additions to the hoard... I mean collection. I apologize in advance for the dust and terrible photography.
  5. D

    Can you help solve this Grandfather clock problem?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! I have a Herschede Grandfather clock, quite old, and the "brown gasket" which I think is rubber used inside around the glass on the door and clock sides has a terrible "old crayons" stinky smell. I finally know since the gasket has fallen apart that the gasket...
  6. J

    Help to identify unknown long case grandfather clock

    Hello all, I'm surely new to the forum but not to clocks. I have quite an extensive collection specifically of french slate mantle clocks with a big handful of others. Anyway, I am completely new to the world of long case clocks and was thrilled to pick up this guy in need of some "restore to...
  7. C

    Buco 1670 Pendulum Clock

    Hello, I was gifted this old wooden clock with a long pendulum and long ropes for the weights. By searching around I believe it is a 1670 Buco Baumann Clock. I haven't been able to find much on the clock itself or the company. At the moment the clock is not working, and I would love to make it...
  8. ItsAllRelative

    A novice’ approach to a Spherical Pendulum Clock

    Yup, a spherical Pendulum…and I don’t just mean the shape of the bob! A quick introduction : I am creating this thread to follow my conception, exploration, and construction of a Spherical Pendulum clock. I am no physics professor (or student even), but I do hope to keep the thread very...
  9. Kevin Knauss

    Modern Clock Maker Database Registry

    Is there a database of modern clock makers and restorers of the 20th and 21st century? I have seen some wonderfully designed and built clocks by individuals who unique and beautiful clocks. Just as there are books on historical clock makers of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century, there should...
  10. George Nelson

    Ives and Lewis Reeded Column and Scroll

    Hi, All First, forgive the length of this post, but this is my most exciting acquisition since the Patent Timepiece I recently scored. In this posting, I've intentionally chosen to place my pictures large and within the text for clarity and ease of understanding. This newest clock for my...
  11. G

    A lazy clock

    I am making 2 W R Smith's weight driven skeliton clocks. I was pleased with the progress in that after planting the gear train and asembling all parts the clock works but for a short period of time. It calls for approx 7 lbs of weight,but the only way I can get it to run constantly is to...
  12. L

    Looking for an alarm clock (talking). - Musicvideo.

    Hello, iam looking for a -special- talking alarm clock. The one that is in "P-Diddys Video - Come to me". (It says some thing like : Good morning it is 430 am pleasewake up) Couldn`t find any information here in germany :-) I Like the design and the "talking" option seems to be good. Does...
  13. G

    IRISH Watch & Clock Makers 1800s onwards

    Has anyone seen or owns a COCHRAN(E) Clock made by HUGH COCHRAN from Ireland. If you own one would it be possible to photograph it and send me a picture of it by attachment. My G.G.Grandfather HUGH HALL COCHRAN(E) was a watch & Clock maker from about 1800 in LURGAN, Northern Ireland. His son...
  14. Z

    Replacing Suspension Spring Ansonia Kitchen Clock

    Hi, Could someone tell me how to replace a suspension spring on a Ansonia clock, looks like a friction fit to the suspension rod but not sure, also where is a supplier for one was ordering from Larose till they closed so looking for another good supplier if someone can recommend <a...
  15. N

    quetion on clock

    My dad has an antique clock, was used as far back as his grandmother. The back sticker reads New Haven Clock Company, New Haven, CT. Its got 'thirty day' written on the face of the clock. We know that a 2nd hand is missing, as well, as a decorative ball of some sort from the bottom outside of...
  16. Grant Perry

    Carriage Clock Mainspring Decision to make..HELP!!!

    I am working on a fairly old carriage clock. The only name on it is the initials "HL". It has a balance wheel escapement. Here is my quandary. I need to replace the time side mainspring. The measurement of this current spring is: • width 18.94mm • strength .22mm • length 46 inches • barrel...
  17. W

    Grand father clock

    I would like to know the approximate year of this German clock. I do not have other details at the moment just a picture. Thanks.
  18. bangster

    I yam cleaning Scottie's clock

    I decided to start a new thread, rather than cluttering the original one. Besides what I mentioned in old ref::THAT thread, here's what I have discovered about this darling movement that Scottie has sent me for "cleaning": (ph = pivot hole) On the bottom plate, the fan p.h. is punched on the...
  19. P

    'Tightening' cottage clock case

    hello, I wonder if it is possible to bring the edges of a cottage clock closer so that there will be less gap in between the edges. The case is structurally stable and does not move or tilt to one side when I exert pressure on the case. I am afraid I might damage the case if I use some sort of...
  20. S

    Could someone help me identify this clock?

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to clock collecting and repairing and I found this great clock at an antique store. It's missing most it's works and the cover to the back of the clock I can see no identifying marks on this clock other than some numbers on the bottom (two rows of numbers the first...
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