1. R

    Clock collection program

    Fellow Collectors: Can anyone recommend a computer program that is available for purchase that I could put my clock collection and their associated pictures on; Or, suggest a prigram that comes with Window's XP....etc. Thanks for any assistance. BOB Mills #40542
  2. P

    Removing hands from Gilbert clock

    The motor is not working (two tiny wires have been cut off inside the case) on my Gilbert 1807 clock I believe is from the 20s or 30s. I decided to put in a battery operated unit but I can't get the hands off of the motor assembly. I was able to get the second hand off of the unit by removing a...
  3. G

    1705 grandfather clock

    A local clock shop showed me where to oil clocks with clock oil - taking the works out, you can spray electrical contact cleaner 1st before oiling.
  4. Dick Feldman

    Cast Iron cased alarm clock

    I would appreciate any information on this clock. The dial is marked A.L. Swift, Chicago and the rear of the can is stamped Patented Oct. 28, 1902. The base is cast iron and the clock "can" slips in from the back side. Many thanks, Dick
  5. M

    Lux Town Hall clock

    I am looking to repair and restore a Lux town hall clock--"cuckoo type"--but no bellows or bird. It is a cuckoo movement with two strike hammers but whatever chimes or bells were there are missing. I would appreciate any information about this clock. I assume a bell and chime of some sort. I...
  6. G

    Thoughts: Smith Chimes & Clock Co. 11 O'Clock Light Chime Clock

    18 inch square oak case. Apparently made just after electricity home use - 1930's - 3 early light bulbs. Hole in the bottom of the case for the chime tube to go down thru the case (don't have the tube). Also to the left of the mechanism is a pull chord that goes thru the bottom of the case -...
  7. J

    400 day clock base

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows of a supplier for 400 day clock bases. I seem to remember a catalog with bases in it, but cannot remember who it was. That was also quite a while ago. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  8. bob asbra

    missing pendulum bob Ingram Mantle clock

    I have an old Ingram mantle clock missing the pendulum bob. I have cleaned it and oiled properly. Can anyone tell me how I could determine the proper weight for the bob. I have tried to use an old pocket watch skeleton with a wire. It has worked on other clocks. Also, the hands seem hard to...
  9. A

    Grandfather Clock

    Hi, I am in the process of purchasing an 1825-1850 Philly-constructed Grandfather clock. The works and all of the mehcanics are in very good condition and original to the clock - no marriages. However, the case, which is veneer crotch maple (or other similar looking wood), has several areas...
  10. R

    Gilbert 'Hollow Column' clock

    I have a Gilbert 'Hollow Column' 30 hr clock. The bottom door has a tablet of a geometric design with its' center portion clear so....and I assume, that one can observe the bob movement. My clocks pendulum rod is much to short to allow the bob to be observed. Even though the clock keeps good...
  11. C

    Session Mantel Clock

    I have had no luck trying to date and obtain value information for our Sessions "INLAY No. 2" mantel clock. It is stamped "patent applied for" inside the clock. It has a stamped number on the label "2710." My Mother remembers the clock in a home purchased in the 1930's. It belonged to a...
  12. J

    Need picture of a movement from a Model A ITR master Clock

    Does anyone have a good picture of the movement from an ITR model A master clock? I need it for a Bulletin article and I foolishly gave away my last A movement without taking a picture.
  13. B

    Odd mantle clock?

    Hello all, I came into a clock this week that is a bit odd to me. It is a pointed top mantle clock (no biggie) but the movement is a back mount (like a kitchen clock) that mounts onto a box attached to the back board. The movement is marked "E INGRAHAM CO...PATD OCT.8.78.NOV.11.79...BRISTOL...
  14. B

    Monitor clock company

    Hi there, The only reference i can find is A Monitor Clock Works with a patent date of 1904. There is a picture of a mission clock with alarm on page 395 of Bulletin 237. You can get a copy of this Bulletin at the NAWCC Library. Another benefit of membership in the NAWCC. happy hunting,
  15. P

    Repro Lantern Clock

    Hi all I have purchased one of the reproduction lantern clocks signed Ths Moore, Ipswich that were made in the 1970's (why? Because unfortunately I can't afford a real one). I believe they were made somewhere in Europe. Can anyone please provide information on who made them? Any other...
  16. S

    French Slate Clock Identification

    We have a French slate clock that we are trying to identify. The only marking we could find are "Marque Fabrique" and below that the letters "E" and "S" with a bell in between the E and the S. Thank you so much, Sherry
  17. C

    Visual/Hands on Clock display

    Next spring, our club (Idahorology 153) is putting on an exhibit at the Discovery Center in Boise, Idaho. Besides the members clocks on display, I would like to have some "Hands On" items,ie large clock movements, large verge/pendulums etc, available for the children. There will be some...
  18. R

    Clock repair needed

    Hello, I am trying to find a clock repair person near my home so I can get my clock repaired..Any information is greatly appreciated.. I live in the Rancho Cucamonga, Ca area. Thanks again, Ray Hallenbeck
  19. glr1109

    Lux Clock Mfg. Co.

    I was wondering if anyone would know the material used for this case? It is a translucent - pale green, with splotches of black and white. It appears to be some kind of stone/mineral. Thanks Greg
  20. E

    Schatz 49 400 Day Anniversary Clock parts?

    Today I picked up a pretty nice Schatz 49 (dated 11 / 53) 400 day clock. It seems to be running fine, but it has two minor problems: the dome is cracked, and it didn't come with a key - I have to wind it with a socket. Does anyone know of a source for parts for my Schatz? Thanks in advance...