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  1. H

    Help Identifying Kern Anniversary Clock

    I am new to clocks as I got into horology for vintage wristwatches. A friend at work gave me his anniversary clock saying it would not run longer than an hour. I have since disassembled and cleaned the movement as well as oiled the pivots. The suspension spring had around 5 permanent twists in...
  2. J. A. Olson

    American Herschede Model 10 Revival.

    For over 10 years I've studied and worked on a variety of chime clocks made by several manufacturers. Kienzle, Mauthe, Urgos, Girod, too many others to name off-hand. It was a real experience learning about these clocks and how to repair them, progressing up from those common German tambours and...
  3. L

    History Searching clock movement

    Hi I’m looking for this clock movement. There are two crossed arrows but can’t find it anywhere. Can somebody tell me what is is
  4. R

    Vincenti & Cie French Mantle Clock...

    I recently acquired a Vicente & Cie French Mantle clock in beautiful shape. I believe I have placed it between 1855 and 1870. It appears that the mechanism works and just needs a little maintenance. I have not experience with French clocks, so I am hoping my fellow members can help me out again...
  5. J. A. Olson

    "So good you could eat it!"

    While browsing the infinite hive that is YouTube I ran across one of the most tasteful clocks ever made. A clock with... a chocolate case. A pure horological delicacy, functioning art that may be consumed! Truly the finest example of timekeeping to ever exist. There will be nothing like it ever...
  6. S

    Clock brand and year: Hermle? 1928?

    Hello guys. I am repairing this westminster mantel clock but I am not sure what brand it is. Also, I'd like to know what year it is. Case says Hermle, but the clock movement does not say anything. Not even the country it comes from. It only says "162057" and "PL 12cms". For me, it looks like...
  7. J. A. Olson

    20th c American Herschede Model 10 Studies + Restoration.

    This is a Herschede DeLuxe Model 10 mantel chime clock made sometime between 1928-1932. Model number 2031, an upright Gothic case with round dial and overlays. Chimes Westminster and Canterbury on Symphony chimetone rods. It was obtained through a trade with Bruce Alexander : he got a Borgfeldt...
  8. B

    Who is the Clock's manufacturer

    I am trying to figure out who made the clock I’ve looked and looked for the manufacturer and I do not know who it is if anyone knows please let me know
  9. drasaphor

    Function Long Case Clock, Mitchell and Russell Glasgow questions and description

    Hello all, This is my first time posting and my first time owning a clock! So I am trying to learn as much about it as I can. So far I believe that Mitchell and Russell refers to two independent clockmakers from Glasgow who were active in the early 19th century -- John and William Mitchell and...
  10. C

    My mum's bentima, any info please

    Hi all, I have inherited this Bentima mantle clock, perivale movement with brittania stamp. Key and pendulum present. Can anyone shed any light on an approximate date for this particular clock, as I have been unable to, and or any information from any of the details on the pictures. Many thanks...
  11. Benyo4559

    Help Help - Clock hands won’t run with dial attached to movement

    Hi all, I recently completed a clock kit from my grandfather that I inherited. It’s Hentschel 210 in cherry and the movement is either a 2100T or a Mason and Sullivan L50T. Never figured out which it was. The problem I need to repair is that without the dial attached to the movement the clock...
  12. J

    1930s Kienzle 605 Mantle Clock advice

    Hello, I recently bought a 1930s Kienzle mantle clock. Unfortunately the workings were incomplete and so I have no choice but to replace the workings with a modern mechanism. I’m struggling to work out how to get the old mechanism out without risking damaging the face which is in excellent...
  13. H

    Help needed with this clock.

    We've inherited a clock from our uncle and would like to get it working again. I have these pictures. I'd like to know what it is and if it'll be an expensive restoration. (, Condition unknown inside). Please let us know as much as you can.
  14. C

    Help indentifying clockmaker

    Hello! I bought this incredible musical painting clock with a Nicole Freres music box from between 1820/30, but the clock movement has no marks on it except for I believe are some serial numbers. What do you think? I would appreciate if you could share to me some of your knowledge! I need to...
  15. M

    Franz hermle clock

    Hello, I have a franz hermle grandfather clock that my father bought from a furniture shop. I live in kuwait The clock is broken and doesn’t work as far as i know. I tried looking inside through the side acces panel to see if i can pin point the issue exactly. But i have no knowledge when it...
  16. E

    Need help I would Like to identified this Clock.

    Bought this clock on a state sale? any idea of what kind of clock it is?
  17. T

    Silver Verge Fusee Clock

    Hi , I am looking for description and information and about this incredible silver verge fusee clock . Who made it ? and which year was made ? It seems to be an alarm watch because the dial has 4 holes , but I don't know what each hole is used for ? This clock was belong to a military and royal...
  18. B

    Missing two blue digit leaves/flags for plato clock

    Hi there. I have a plato clock I inherited from my grandfather. Two photos are attached. It is missing two digit leaves/flags. Specifically, I'm missing # 2 (left side) / # 7 (right side), AND a # 5 (left side) / # 5 (right side). The missing digits are represented by blank white flags. Does...
  19. S

    Info on this Clock?

    Hello All! I got this little clock awhile back. At the time, it was utterly filthy, spray bombed gold, and covered in nicotine tar. After doing my best to clean it up it looks decent and I was surprised to find it runs well enough to be used! I tried using Internet archives of Ingraham catalogs...
  20. Ticktocktime100

    A Christmas thread: your best buy(s) of 2020

    Hi all, A very merry Christmas to all contributors and their loved ones, along with my very best wishes for 2021. It’s been a difficult one this year, but hopefully some encouraging developments lie ahead. I thought a good, simple Christmas topic would be your best buy(s), either in terms of...

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