1. J

    1930s Kienzle 605 Mantle Clock advice

    Hello, I recently bought a 1930s Kienzle mantle clock. Unfortunately the workings were incomplete and so I have no choice but to replace the workings with a modern mechanism. I’m struggling to work out how to get the old mechanism out without risking damaging the face which is in excellent...
  2. H

    Help needed with this clock.

    We've inherited a clock from our uncle and would like to get it working again. I have these pictures. I'd like to know what it is and if it'll be an expensive restoration. (, Condition unknown inside). Please let us know as much as you can.
  3. C

    Help indentifying clockmaker

    Hello! I bought this incredible musical painting clock with a Nicole Freres music box from between 1820/30, but the clock movement has no marks on it except for I believe are some serial numbers. What do you think? I would appreciate if you could share to me some of your knowledge! I need to...
  4. M

    Franz hermle clock

    Hello, I have a franz hermle grandfather clock that my father bought from a furniture shop. I live in kuwait The clock is broken and doesn’t work as far as i know. I tried looking inside through the side acces panel to see if i can pin point the issue exactly. But i have no knowledge when it...
  5. E

    Need help I would Like to identified this Clock.

    Bought this clock on a state sale? any idea of what kind of clock it is?
  6. T

    Silver Verge Fusee Clock

    Hi , I am looking for description and information and about this incredible silver verge fusee clock . Who made it ? and which year was made ? It seems to be an alarm watch because the dial has 4 holes , but I don't know what each hole is used for ? This clock was belong to a military and royal...
  7. B

    Missing two blue digit leaves/flags for plato clock

    Hi there. I have a plato clock I inherited from my grandfather. Two photos are attached. It is missing two digit leaves/flags. Specifically, I'm missing # 2 (left side) / # 7 (right side), AND a # 5 (left side) / # 5 (right side). The missing digits are represented by blank white flags. Does...
  8. S

    Info on this Clock?

    Hello All! I got this little clock awhile back. At the time, it was utterly filthy, spray bombed gold, and covered in nicotine tar. After doing my best to clean it up it looks decent and I was surprised to find it runs well enough to be used! I tried using Internet archives of Ingraham catalogs...
  9. Ticktocktime100

    A Christmas thread: your best buy(s) of 2020

    Hi all, A very merry Christmas to all contributors and their loved ones, along with my very best wishes for 2021. It’s been a difficult one this year, but hopefully some encouraging developments lie ahead. I thought a good, simple Christmas topic would be your best buy(s), either in terms of...
  10. S

    Sessions Clock

    Hello everyone! I have a few clocks and it is rather "time" to begin using these forums apposed to only reading them! I understand the Sessions Clock Co was between 1903-1935 for mechanical movements. The piece I picked up, I have not seen photos of online. What is the date and perhaps I may...
  11. thdk

    clock found in my grandfathers storage

    Hi all, I don't know much of clocks myself but I found a nice wall clock in my grandfathers storage (after he passed away a few weeks ago :( ) I just liked the design and thought it would be nice in our house. At home I found out it's a mechanical clock and doesnt work on batteries. So I got...
  12. W

    French Information for Carriage Clock

    Hi Everyone! I have just recently got this clock but I don't know anything about it. The seller doesn't know anything about it either as this was a clock that belonged to his grandparents. All that I can gather from the engravings are that this is a french carriage clock. It has engravings...
  13. Dave Scoggins

    Cast Iron Case Info

    I found a beautiful cast iron clock case that I would love to know what type of movement would have been in it. I plan to restore the case. It appears the movement would have attached to the backplate, as there are 4 holes on it, an no mounting holes inside on the case face. Any one have any...
  14. S

    Seth Thomas Adamantine Clock

    Hello All! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Anyway, I finally got this Seth Thomas clock back after having the movement serviced and it’s now up and running. The date code says this clock was made in January of 1899. Does anyone know anything else about this clock like the model, or have...
  15. TheNerdyHobbit

    Any information?

    Hi! I bought this clock last month at an auction. The back says W. H. Terhune & CO. I can only assume the name of the clock is Garland? And the inside mechanism says E Ingraham Co, PAT. SEPT.14.1897 Bristol CT. And I believe the year is 1903. I've even searched the archives of the E Ingraham...
  16. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock Alarm What's this logo?

    Here I have a face of an alarm clock. It came in a box of parts as a random spare- no movement or anything. I cannot find a result for this trademark so I am asking the forum. It is printed card attached to what looks like lead with three dials and a capital G in a five-pointed star. What was...
  17. BST

    Clock Open In need of a kroeber #31 regulator dial

    I am looking for a dial for a kroeber #31 long drop regulator
  18. lesley e nolan

    Antique Tiffany early Never Wind clock needs repairs

    Greetings folks, New here. I am a bird automaton person-- so clocks are not my forte! I bought an antique Tiffany Never wind with glass dome a few years ago at auction. It looks like the earliest version, has the very heavy brass ball weights that hang from a wire. Well, took it to a local clock...
  19. annecz

    Heavy little "Angelus" treasure from my grandfather

    Hi there, my name is Anne and this Angelus Clock is a heritage. I couldn't find any information about the company or the age. Found similar (but not identical) Angelus clocks which where dated 50ies/60ies. Number of the bottom is 1003. Its more than 2,2 pounds. Measures: 9,5x13,5 cm The...
  20. T

    Identification and Purpose of Double-Ended New Haven

    Hi All- I have a tandem-wind New Haven balance wheel movement, but do not understand why it is designed as it is. The "front" looks fairly typical, except there are no winding arbors. The minute arbor extends out the "back", but has no method to connect anything to the long shaft (short of a...

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