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  1. R

    Junghans Hammer Heads

    A Junghans mantle clock, manufactured B09, has fabric covered hammer heads. This is the first time I've seen this and I wonder what to use to recover them. Here's a picture of one that has been disassembled along with the others not yet started. Suggestions?
  2. bangster

    Ansonia count-wheel strike setup

    The Ansonia open-escapement clocks have a count-wheel setup totally unlike the typical American count-wheel clock, which uses two separate lever assemblies: the Activating assembly that starts things going, and the Regulating assembly which manages the process. Instead of a set of Activating...
  3. bangster

    The cannon pinion

    In many older clocks, the minute hand doesn't attach to the center shaft, but to a "minute pipe" or "minute cannon" that fits over the center shaft. The cannon pinion is the pinion or gear on the minute cannon. When the minute hand attaches directly to the center shaft, the cannon pinion is...
  4. bangster

    Winding Key Letdown Tool

    How to make a simple letdown tool with a stick and winding key.
  5. bangster

    Adjusting the J-wire Strike •

    J-wire Fix
  6. Mike Dempsey

    3D Printing Clock Parts

    I wrote this article on 3D printing and was going to have it printed in the bulletin, but decided to have it put on the message board. If you have any questions about the article, let me know. Mike Dempsey
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